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bill GatesThe Microsoft co-founder and billionaire philanthropist made a list of four books he recommends reading this 2024 season.

When found in America, these are their recommendations for summer, but they also apply well to winter in our southern hemisphere. On Gates’ personal blog, his recommendations are “united by the idea of ​​serving others: why we do it, the things that can make it difficult, and the things we should do anyway.”

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Gates now devotes most of his career to the campaign Bill & Melinda Gates Beneficial FoundationHe argues that the idea of ​​service is “as relevant today as it has ever been”: “In an era where wars dominate the headlines and our politics become more and more polarized, it is encouraging to appreciate those who help others. “We can be more generous in our own lives.”

That is why, He recommended four books to people He believes that reflects a profession of service Technical guru He wants to encourage. For him, these were books he had read recently and when he looked back while making a list of recommendations, he noticed that they were connected by this inspiring idea.

Four Books Bill Gates Recommends to Read This Season

  • WomenWith Christine Hanna: Gates summarizes this “very good novel” as “the story of a US Army nurse who serves two shifts on the front lines of the Vietnam War, before returning to a nation of resistance and peace.” The book was translated into Spanish Women of War And Bill Gates thought it was “beautifully written”.
  • Contagious generosityWith Chris Anderson: This book has been translated into our language Contagious Generosity: The Ultimate Idea Worth Spreading. According to Bill Gates, its author, a curator of Ted Talks for more than two decades, “explores how the Internet can amplify the impact of generosity”. “It offers a program that — including individuals, governments and businesses — can encourage more generosity,” the philanthropist says before defining “It’s not just about giving money; he argues that we need to expand our definition of generosity.” For those who want to create a more equal world, but where to start? For the uninitiated,” Gates recommends this volume in particular.
  • How to know a person By David Brooks: According to Gates, the author of this book is based on the premise that “social and conversational skills are not innate traits, but can be learned and developed.” Translated into Spanish with the title How to Meet a Person: The Art of Connecting with Others and Showing Your AuthenticityThe text offers practical advice for practicing what Brooks calls “Listening out loud” (hearing sound), accordingly a comment bill Gates “Help those around you feel heard and valued.” “It’s more than a guide to great conversations,” emphasizes the technologist, “it’s a map to a more connected and human way of life.”
  • Brave new wordsBy Sal Khan: The next volume suggested by the mind behind Microsoft It is not translated into Spanish, but it touches on one of the current topics of technological progress: the development of artificial intelligence. In this case, the teacher combines this new tool with education. “Saul argues that AI will radically improve student outcomes and teacher experiences, and help everyone achieve quality education,” Gates created on his blog before underlining his reputation: “Nobody has as sharp an analysis of the future of education as Saul. I can’t recommend it enough.” Brave new words Enough”.
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