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The first predictions of the presidential election in France caused thousands of people to erupt in joy as they waited in the streets for their comrades to finish voting.

After a historic advance by the far-right National Rally party in the first round, analysts pointed to the Marine Le Pen-led organization on the verge of governing.

WATCH: Elections live in France: Left wins surprise, far-right third

But the strategy of many centrist and left-wing candidates to drop out of the race to consolidate votes swayed the results.

Although there is no official confirmation yet, the celebrations – and the long faces – were the protagonists of the day.

Given the importance of voting for France, crowds gathered to watch the election results. (EPA).
Celebrations were particularly grand in Paris, where citizens carried the slogans of the French triptych “Liberty, Equality and Fraternity”. (Reuters).
At demonstrations, placards with phrases such as “The far right will not pass” can be read. (EPA).
Celebrations spread to different parts of the country: in Marseille, in the south of France, citizens proclaimed “Marseille, a proud and famous citizen”. (EPA).
After the celebrations of the first-round results, supporters of Le Pen and the National Rally watched in amazement as their victory collapsed. (EPA).
A gloomy atmosphere prevailed at the national team headquarters. (EPA).
A protester with a French flag cycles through the streets of Paris. (EPA).
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