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“I Believe Everything” is more than just a second single Francesca Aronson (Gothenburg, 2006). “Adolescence is like ending“, tell us. The actress is strongly promoting this new artistic aspect that excites her. And as she works on her next songs, she imagines moving hearts with her music on a big stage.

I started this project two months ago. I wrote it with Chino Sabogal. He talks about the innocence of teenage love, a stage where feelings emerge. The video clip has important logistics and a narrative line, which allows me to show my acting side as well. I’m really looking forward to it. I have a music manager and marketing publishing plan”, assures the actress.

“I Believe Everything” comes four years after the premiere of his debut work, “Te gusto.” “My next songs will come out more often. I’m not going to wait that long. I love to perform and sing with the public“, highlights.

A rewarding career

Aronson Grande is 17 years old, but she looks so mature and confident that she looks years older. He was born in Sweden. He spent his early years in Spain and Bolivia. He came to Peru when he was seven years old. At that age he had his first encounter with children’s theater. Since then, he has not stopped stepping on artistic platforms, especially in his youth.

Adolescence marked me in many ways. It wasn’t normal, but it was beautiful with lots of motivational talks and people I met along the way. I sacrificed many things to get where I am.. At one point Fran, I went through health problems, depression and epidemic anxiety, which made me stronger, more determined, and more mature. It was beautiful, but complicated and difficult“, account.

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In 2022, after participation In “El internado: las cumbres” (Prime Video) and the Peruvian film “Reinas sin corona”, the actress joined the cast of the third part of the Spanish RTVE series “HIT”. Then he also wanted to act “Antics of the Bad Girl”, a series based on the novel by Mario Vargas Llosa.

Unfortunately, I was already in Spain recording, so I couldn’t accept that proposal (from VIX+). I was excited to participate because I met Vargas Llosa when I was nine months old. My parents took me to a humanitarian event. I interviewed him at a book fair two years ago”, recalled the actress.

Mario Vargas Llosa poses with 9-month-old Francisca Aronson in Spain. (Photo: Francisca’s personal file)

Until now, I have been lucky enough to take part in really prestigious proposals and play challenging characters like Jimina in ‘Reinas Sin Corona’, playing psychologically and sexually abused teenagers. HIT was also a complex character. Abhi suffers from schizophrenia. It is not easy to put myself in the head and body of a person with this problem. Playing Rita in ‘El Internado: Los Compresses’ was another challenge, especially because of the hair issue. They rented it to me. When I went out into the street, people looked at me. It was a bit embarrassing”, he points out.

Grows in the face of adversity

On the other hand, Aronson, nominated for the Kids’ Choice Awards Mexico in 2021, recalls how men’s attractive looks and lewd comments affected her psychological well-being and social life during her puberty.

Unfortunately, I have received comments from pedophiles on networks since I was 8 years old. It scared me when I was a kid. I didn’t like them, and I don’t like them now either, although at some point I normalized them by not looking too much. They don’t affect me anymore because I have the maturity and strength to do that, but I know there are other girls, other teenage girls, who don’t have that ability.”, he points out.

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During puberty, when my body changed, my hips and bust grew, it was the strongest moment of sex. Then I started eating healthy and exercising so they told me to do the surgery when I lost weight. And I didn’t have any operation”, sentence.

Francesca Aronson. (Photo: Gabriel Torino)

Although he is interested in music, Aronson insists that acting is his priority, and he has an interesting project in that field. “AndIn a new country, with an important production company and great actors”, sentence.

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