Francisco Tudela: “This is the worst attack Israel has ever faced by Hamas” | the world

Francisco Tudela: “This is the worst attack Israel has ever faced by Hamas” |  the world

Hours after the brutal attack by the Islamist group Hamas against the central area IsraelThe country’s most populous, former foreign minister Francisco Tudela Assessing the situation with concern, he warns of the potential escalation of the conflict, in which he expects not only more fighting but also moments of “total despair” for civilians on both the Palestinian side and the Israeli side. “Hamas has announced that it has enough hostages to free all Palestinian prisoners in Israel; Deep down, we didn’t know what it meant,” he recalls, adding that he further encourages confusion about what could happen.

Israel declared a state of war following Hamas attacks that (as of press time) killed more than 250 people and injured more than 1,500.

It was Israel’s worst attack by Hamas operating from the Gaza Strip; How they were able to penetrate the south of Israel on such a large scale is not known. The situation is very bad, fighting has been going on for 10 hours and fighting is still going on in 22 places. According to Israel, more than 1,000 people have been injured and 250 have died, and the hostage situation is dire as Hamas terrorists have taken many Israeli hostages. Hamas announced that it had enough hostages to free all Palestinian prisoners in Israel; Deep down we don’t know what it means. According to Palestinian officials in Gaza, an estimated 230 Palestinians were killed. The Israeli Air Force launched several strikes, some retaliatory and others, against Hamas strategic points in Gaza. It was a colossal security failure, a colossal intelligence failure on Israel’s part and investigations have already begun to find out why this happened.

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Israel actually controlled the area but was unexpectedly attacked…

Yes, how they were ignored is beyond comprehension. On the 50th anniversary of the Yom Kippur war in 1973, the last day of Israel’s religious holiday, which Hamas took advantage of, exactly the same thing happened: Israeli lines were broken by the Egyptians. the military; The Israeli army was finally able to make amends and defeat Egypt, but it was a surprise, a big surprise, because Hamas launched 5,000 to 7,000 rockets. Of course, they are almost hand-made rockets, they cannot be compared to what is happening in Ukraine, where each rocket has many casualties, which will not happen here, but the most serious aspect of this crisis is already announced by Israel. The state of war, which does not mean the war on terror – because that is permanent – but the state of military readiness for war. That’s what Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu declared: He said he was at war and that revenge would be powerful.

What does this announcement by the Israeli Prime Minister indicate about military preparation for war?

All military means will be used to destroy as many Hamas targets as possible, but that puts the hostages’ lives at absolute risk. For its part, Hamas has attributed all this to a kind of critical point that Palestinians in Gaza can tolerate against Israel. The Hamas statement said: “Enough, enough is enough,” as if to say, “We have reached the maximum.” Naturally, Prime Minister Netanyahu’s speech at the United Nations was seen as arrogant by the Palestinians. There was (also) occupation by Israeli orthodox religious elements of the Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem; So from Hamas’ point of view, these are the provocations that lead to this attack.

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We understand that what happened destroyed all efforts to reach a peace agreement in the region. What kind of situations do you expect?

These are scenes similar to those seen in a similar crisis a few years ago. Israel’s retaliation will be so severe that the security issue will have to be rethought. As it takes place inside southern Israel at 22 points, it is undeniable that fighting will continue and, naturally, you say the end of any hope of a negotiated and diplomatic solution to the Palestinian issue. Israeli.

What implications will this have globally? What could be the participation or mediation of the United Nations in this case? Is that possibility still possible?

Well, the United Nations will try, but given the circumstances, I believe there is no room for negotiation. It is undeniable that America has fully aligned itself with Israel. Hamas is considered a terrorist organization internationally, including by the United Nations. That is why the Peruvian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has issued a statement in which it condemns the terrorist attacks, but at the same time hopes that a solution will be found according to international law, but at this time it is still a distant thing. The truth is that what is happening is horrific and these are moments of utter despair for the public on both the Palestinian side and the Israeli side.

What is the role of the Peruvian Ministry of Foreign Affairs at this time? We are aware of the presence of our countrymen in the area.

The Ministry of External Affairs has offered to make all efforts to evict them. Obviously, our guys should contact the Peruvian embassies and leave, but we are on the verge of several days of intense clashes in Gaza and on Israel’s southern border.

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