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After months of silence, the Peruvian singer-songwriter is back Gian Marco After undergoing emergency surgery in August this year, she decided to speak about her experience after beating cancer.

Interpreter of ‘I’m still looking for myself’ She said she noticed the neoplasia at the right time because of the medical history of her father, who died at age 49 of bone cancer, and since he undergoes annual preventive tests.

“I recommend to everyone, every year of my life I always come for a test”The singer explained in a recent interview for Christian Rivero’s podcast.

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According to Gian Marco, at the time of his greatest fear, he underwent all the medical tests and the doctors asked him to wait for the results.

“In that waiting, many things cross your mind, and in my case I said: ‘Oh, my father is not what is happening to me, but the agony of knowing.’ At that moment you have a fear, but it was a moment. It was like: ‘Okay, if I have that, how do I organize my life? How do I organize my children?’ That’s what I thought, and then everything was fine, but I went through my process that way,” He reflected.

Currently, the artist enjoys good health and has learned to master his fears and recognize them. “A healthy fear is releasing a new album, and to this day I wonder if people will go. There are fears that drive you and others that paralyze you. “I’ve already learned to deal with them, but that doesn’t mean I feel them.” He reflected.

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