Giancarlo Granda underwent emergency surgery as a result of the collapse of the Ricardo Mendoza and Jorge Luna project.

Giancarlo Granda underwent emergency surgery as a result of the collapse of the Ricardo Mendoza and Jorge Luna project.
Giancarlo Granda’s spectacular fall in Ricardo Mendoza and Jorge Luna’s show. YouTube: ‘We’re not TV’.

Famous sports driver Giancarlo Granda The show’s promoter lived for a moment in agony and worry after suffering a severe fall in one of the games.“Eat Money”Conducted Jorge Luna and Ricardo Mendoza in the channel YouTube “We Are Not TV”.

A moment of fun and adrenaline, popular “Flaco” is great I participated in a movement Saskia Bernola and Mateo Garrido Leca As he jumped on a surface it slipped with his weight and he fell with a crash.

The hard fall left him with a severe blow to his tailbone and a broken left arm, which later required emergency surgery.

Through their social networks, Giancarlo Granda He shared the news of his accident with his followers, wearing a sling on his left arm and explaining what happened.

“I had an accident yesterday. I was invited to the show ‘Chappa Tu Pani’ and in one of the games I had a bad jump and fall. “I broke my humerus,” he said.

Knowing the severity of the injury, the sports driver revealed that the surgery will force him to stay away from his activities for at least two weeks.

A fallout from the Ricardo Mendoza and Jorge Luna project resulted in Giancarlo Granda undergoing emergency surgery. Instagram.

Last Thursday, June 13, after a successful surgery. Giancarlo Granda UHe took to his Instagram account to inform his followers that he is on the mend. He appreciated the treatment provided at the hospital Saint Gabriel, He underwent surgery there, exemplifying the patience and dedication of the medical staff.

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Likewise, ex-participant ‘The Great Celebrity Chef‘ Not failing to mention the constant support he received from the production team.We don’t have TV’ At the helm Ricardo Mendoza and Jorge Luna, who observed his evolution throughout the process.

“Skinny for a while. The surgery was a success and now it’s time to rest. I would like to thank Dr. Calizaya and all the medical staff at the San Gabriel Clinic for their treatment and patience. Thanks to all the guys at No Somos Tv who were attentive to my recovery from start to finish. Finally, a big hug to everyone who wrote me wishing me good vibes! “It’s an ace,” he wrote.

Giancarlo Granda had surgery on Ricardo Mendoza and Jorge Luna after breaking his arm on the project. Instagram.

On the night of his performance on Thursday, June 13, Magali Medina He expressed his opinion about his accident Giancarlo Granda In the project Jorge Luna and Ricardo Mendoza. The ATV personality marveled that comedians and presenters ‘We’re not TV’ Necessary precautions were not taken to ensure the physical integrity of the participants.

“I think everyone trying to make fun of what could have been a serious situation… without taking any precautions and making a plan like ‘This is War’ should take the necessary precautions to protect health. All your participants,” he said at the beginning.

On the other hand, he commented ‘EEG’ Many times they have met with terrible accidents with their competitors and in their opinion an upgraded YouTube program should be very careful. He said what happened to the football commentator could have ended in a tragedy that could have even led to his death.

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“’Skinny’ Granda was hospitalized…she says it was a slip…yeah, sure, if you slip, you could crack your head, lose your brain, and she’s a total stick, all skinny. Be careful friends, misfortunes strike at the least expected moment,” he concluded.

Giancarlo Granda had a strong fall in the project ‘Chappa Du Payi’. (Courtesy: Magali TV Law Firm)


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