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Airline direct air It announced this Saturday that after 11 years of operations—the market no longer has the capacity to continue. Avianca Avoid integration with Colombia’s Civil Aeronautics (AeroCivil) due to “conditions” placed on its operation.

“With no possibility of financial support, Viva declares with deep anguish. The company does not have the ability to continue operating in the marketThe airline said in a statement.

“To save a company in crisis, I tried to avoid this decision by providing a timely integration review, requesting a timely and coherent response from the authorities for more than nine months, which would allow me to define the necessary measures. Save the company.”

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First thing in the morning Avianca It noted that it had studied the most recent resolution on consolidation in detail and noted that “aero-civil conditions make its restoration impossible.” Viva Avianca’s stability may also be affected.

direct air Operations ceased on February 27 Severe financial problems left thousands of commuters stranded.

He bade farewell to his collaborators

Through an internal statement, the airline said goodbye to its team “Thanks, it was a great flight”.

“We have the satisfaction of changing Colombian aviation history forever. We will inform you about the process below after we receive the instructions”, reported.

Aerocivil conditions

Last Monday, the Aerocivil issued a resolution in which it renewed the conditions for incorporation Avianca Y direct air.

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They propose that the “rights of Viva users should be respected and taken care of”, such as refunds for air tickets or allowing “those whose bookings and tickets are pending to be processed” to travel.

He also pointed out that Avianca Maintain a “low cost” plan direct air As an option to enable alternative routes for users of air transport services, particularly on those routes operated solely by that airline”.

Likewise, the Aerocivil “The company needs to take back the departure and arrival slots” so that El Dorado International Airport’s infrastructure is used more efficiently, guaranteeing competitive conditions and operating permanently, he said. direct air”.

about, Avianca He promised this Saturday that the proposal by the Civil Aviation Authority demonstrates “little regulatory flexibility to ensure the conditions for the resumption of Viva operations”.

Faced with what happened, direct air pointed out that Defines “courses of action to be followed, communicated to public opinion and company stakeholders in a timely manner”..

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