Google is bringing satellite news to Android 15

Company Google has released the latest developer beta for Android 15 with satellite connectivity It allows for satellite messaging. In addition, the developer offers improvements for contactless payments, language recognition, volume stability and interaction with PDF files through the app.

Likewise, this latest version provides an update that allows apps Find out why some services are unavailable when using a satellite signal. In addition to this, the developer provides support that notifies the user if their activity is being recorded through screen recording, which increases the user's security and privacy.

Previously, in Android 14, the ability Voice recognition in multiple languages ​​on the device, with the ability to automatically switch between languages. However, this feature can cause interruptions in the flow of words, especially when languages ​​change rapidly. In Android 15, additional restrictions have been implemented This will allow applications to adjust this change according to their needs.

However, since the release of the iPhone 14, Apple has integrated sensing SOS emergency calls Via satellite, if the device is not connected to any network. According to The Verge, the developer's final versions will arrive in late 2024.

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