Grenade explosion in Linz unleashes panic on Arenales Avenue: “They’re panicking,” says Tiros chief

Grenade explosion in Linz unleashes panic on Arenales Avenue: “They’re panicking,” says Tiros chief
A grenade exploded in the middle of Canevaro Avenue in Linz this Wednesday July 3. Chanel N

in the district TaxA grenade exploded in between Arenales and Canevaro Avenues Wednesday night, July 3. The explosion created panic and anxiety among citizens and prompted the presence of members of Peru’s National Police (PNP)

According to Carlos LlerenaHead of Directorate of Special Operations (Dros), his regiment A Works in the area A group of motorcyclists, trying not to intervene, made an escape maneuver. In that act, that is Detonates the stun grenade.

“Five motorcyclists came to the area and when they saw the activity, they changed their route, because they were going to stop anyway, they panicked and ran into traffic. “That’s where they were throwing grenades,” the authority informed Channel N.

“They didn’t throw grenades, you can’t see that in the video. What you see is light and noise because it is a grenade, which we call noise or roar,” Lerena added.

A grenade explodes at Linz.

For his part, the mayor Male Schneiderman Before, he said Recent attacks within its jurisdiction by mafias dedicated to pimpingIt is working with the PNP to control the area and restore peace in the district.

“If it was a grenade, everything would explode. Just a noise. We already have an agreement with Serenasco Sin Fronteras, so we have notified the various districts to be alert. There were five motorcycles, two people on each,” Schneiderman told the same media.

The mayor was the candidate of the party founded by Rafael López Aliaga. |Malka Schneiderman

Regarding citizen insecurity, the mayor assured that it is felt in the district Tax Because human trafficking is done.

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“That’s why we’re doing these preventative measures every day. Because both Serenasco and the police are there, we’re preventing it. Criminology and human trafficking in the district,” he said.

This is not the first time grenades have been thrown in Linz district. On June 29, a grenade was reported to have been thrown workers sexual and a food distributor.

That Friday night, two men on a motorcycle threw a grenade at the intersection of the avenue. Petit A thousand and Thomas Guido. As a result, the delivery worker was injured and created panic among the neighbors.

According to information from TV PeruFranco Alberto Vallejos, who arrived at the scene with his bicycle, was hit by shrapnel from the blast. The blast wave shattered several windows and left a hole in the pavement. The injured worker was immediately rushed to a nearby hospital.

First inquiries National Police (PNP) They assured that the grenade was thrown as a warning to sex workers who frequent the area.

Despite being harassed custody And serenazgo, the attackers managed to escape. The area was cordoned off with security tape and agents from the Explosive Ordnance Disposal Unit (UDEX) arrived to examine the grenade remnants and determine its type. During the investigation, Petit Duars Avenue had to be closed.

Tax It is one of the districts with the highest prostitution activity, which is often associated with the crime of human trafficking. These women, mostly foreigners, are victims of extortion and quota collection by criminal gangs who deny control of the operation in the pink zones.

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This is not new to local authorities who have faced difficulties in controlling these crimes. A few weeks ago, unidentified people left grenades at the intersection of Bernardo Alcido Street and Petit Duars Avenue in the pink area of ​​the Linz district. Sex workers warned National Police (PNP) About explosives detonated without causing serious damage.


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