Guelph Castle reopens access to tourists and uses free visits: until when? | Amazon | Ministry of Culture | Peru

National and foreign tourists living in Peru can visit the archaeological monument for free this Saturday, August 19. GulabTourism symbol Amazonas and the northeast of the country.

As stated therein , Published today in the legal regulations of the official gazette El Peruano, public attention will resume inside the castle Gulab what The archaeological site was closed for more than 16 months after part of its perimeter wall collapsed.

The Ministry of Culture mentioned that a Alternating circuit inside Archeological monument covering the passage at Lakhta. The regulation bears the signature of Leslie Urtega Peña, head of the Ministry of Culture.

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Reopening Gulab Announced by President of the Republic, Tina PolwarteDuring his A message to the nation on a national holiday And this move is part of the measures to reactivate tourism.

This notification is confirmed Mentioned who The reopening of the archaeological monument will be gradual and only at first

How long will the free visits to Gwalior be valid?

A measure of The free visit to Kuelap is valid until December 31 this year.

Promote tourism

In the recitals of the resolution, it is mentioned that the action of permissiveness The free entry of national and foreign visitors residing in Peru is aimed at promoting domestic tourism..

A program that lets visitors in for free Gulab Raised by Decentralized Directorate of Amazonas Culture And there was positive feedback from the World Heritage Sites Directorate and other departments Ministry of Culture Mentions that it is appropriate to establish an ad rate for entry into the monumental archaeological zone GulabEach time it contributes to the activation of the local dynamics associated with the archaeological zone”, he stressed.

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What happened to Quelap Fort?

On April 10, 2022, a portion of the perimeter wall on the southern side of the fort collapsed. Gulab As a result of heavy rains in Amazonas. A video circulating on social media shows the moment the collapse occurred, and a few days later there were two more landslides.

After the incident, the archaeological site was closed to deal with the emergency and a month later a circuit was opened on the outer side. The interior of The monument was closed while the work was carried out, but the operation was extended until this year.

Gulab It is a major tourist attraction in the Amazonas and northeastern Peru Before the COVID-19 pandemic, it received 150,000 visitors a year.

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