He agreed to shave his head to win an iPhone 15, but was very disappointed Viral

He agreed to shave his head to win an iPhone 15, but was very disappointed  Viral

He Introducing the iPhone 15 A few weeks ago Apple announced its regular iPhone 15 Plus, iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max versions. Promising to be one of the most advanced on the market, this equipment has attracted the attention of users not only for its features, but also for its price: nothing less than $800 and, depending on the model, the figure increases. .

Because of its high cost, many people are willing to do anything to get a cell phone. Precisely, the case of a young woman who agreed to shave her hair to win an iPhone 15 became known on social networks, although things did not end as she expected.

It all started when three women agreed to participate in a challenge proposed by TikTok To get your head shaved in exchange for a chance to win a brand new Apple phone in a busy shopping centre Mexico City.

In this way, the participants have to choose a bottle of a different color to know who is the winner. With great tension in the atmosphere, the jars were opened and finally, the oldest of the young women took the iPhone 15.

The youngest of them, on the other hand, received five thousand Mexican pesos, equal to 277 dollars; However, in the end, sadly, the total was only 500 Mexican pesos (about 28 dollars). Seeing that his efforts were of little avail, the participant burst into tears because he clearly wanted the biggest prize.

The girl’s reaction generated all kinds of comments and many netizens demanded that all the participants be given an iPhone as a consolation.

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“Even if it’s not an iPhone 15, at least an 11 girl deserves her tears”; “That’s cheating, everyone deserves their iPhone”; “The one in red made me sad”; “Personally, if my daughter and my wife saw that they were going to shave their hair on that phone, I’d tell them, I’ll give it to you, you don’t have to”; “I’m not crazy about shaving for an iPhone”; “All three of them deserve an iPhone for their head-scratching sacrifices,” People wrote.

It should also be added that TikToker HotSpanish, which has millions of followers, is known for doing challenges between people in public places. Usually, he gives gifts of expensive things or money.

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iPhone: Unlike Android, Apple phones have apps developed specifically for their devices. For this reason, the iOS system receives more updates and support, which increases its cost.

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