He applied for the job and within 20 minutes they responded to him: “We were impressed by your work experience” | uses

He applied for the job and within 20 minutes they responded to him: “We were impressed by your work experience” |  uses

Thousands of people try to prepare a good CV and secure themselves for a job interview; A tense moment for the aspirants. Given the range of responses a candidate can get, a woman from California (in the US) took what a particular candidate told her so positively, in fact, that she took it upon herself to make her reaction go viral.

Heather KathrynIdentified as @heathermaekathryn on TikTok, she applied for the position of Music Tourism Assistant at the company Creative Artists Institute. Excited, he contacted them and sent them his application; However, he never expected to get an answer within minutes.

It took the 22-year-old girl just 20 minutes to get a response. He later revealed what the company told him through an email he shared through his social networks.

“Dear Heather Kathryn, We appreciate your interest in CAA and the time you invested in applying for the Assistant-Music Tour. Although we are impressed by your work experience, we have decided not to pursue your candidacy at this time.”A message sent by the company says.

Photo: @heathermaekathryn

Rejected within minutes

Much to her surprise, Heather responded with an affirmative “This is the fastest time I’ve ever been rejected on a job offer”. He also made a claim that generated divided opinion: “Can anyone give this twenty-two-year-old a chance? please”.

The American release went viral and was viewed over 300,000 times. As expected, the event generated a large number of reactions and netizens expressed their opinion on a possible reason for the agency’s quick response.

“This could be an automatic rejection. If you don’t meet the requirements they ask for, the system will automatically disqualify you,” one person wrote.

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There were those identified in the young woman’s case. “I got rejected once on LinkedIn without opening my resume,” commented another.

“I was rejected from my application in 2021. Anyway, I have my dream job now, so hang in there. I wish you all the best”; “At least they sent you an email to let you know. I’ve been waiting for a response that never came in many cases. Better luck next time,” others wrote in an attempt to cheer Heather up.

What skills should you include in your resume?

As noted by Intuit, despite the fact that technical training tops the list of skills that employers will consider essential in the coming years, it is important to highlight our ability to develop critical thinking in addition to our leadership and influencing skills. Solving social and practical problems.

At Equicons Consultores, we ensure that this information is in line with the demands of companies, and currently, the soft skills most requested by companies today are:

  • Problem solving and results orientation
  • Teamwork and communication
  • Adapt to change and resilience
  • Innovation and decision making
  • Empathy and emotional intelligence

How to create a good CV?

A good resume should be concise and, in fact, it should accurately describe your activities, highlight your skills and everything that makes you useful to an organization.

In fact, the candidate is expected to be well-educated about the market and the organization so that the skills and abilities that define you will reach their employers. Previous experiences may carry more weight than studies, defining the Internet .

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