He passed the interview but refused the job after hearing about the status of pregnant women | Viral

When looking for a job, successfully sending an invitation is synonymous with peace of mind; However, this is not the case for the heroine of the following virus, who decides to turn down the opportunity to occupy a job position because it does not agree with one of the positions of her future work center.

This is the case of a young woman from New York. America, who had no problem passing the interview, got the job the day he was called; However, he eventually changed his mind when he overheard a conciliatory conversation about who would become his boss.

In a TikTok video, the user is identified as Eve @adminandeveOne day he explained that he came to the aforementioned place to talk to his potential supervisor, and the first moments had only a bad experience. “I went in and sat outside his office.”User pointed out. “He immediately scolds someone for 15 minutes before my interview”.

A few minutes later, the man approached her as if nothing had happened and asked her to fill some documents. “He said hello and handed me a piece of paper. He asked me ‘fill this form’. He does not introduce himself or introduce himself.The American recalled.

In the said paper, Personal questions and questions related to his last job were included. “It’s a different shape.”Eve pointed out that, presumably, they asked her if she was pregnant because everything indicated that they didn’t want a pregnant woman at this job center.

They offered him a job

His assumption turned out to be correct, because after talking to the boss, he told him: “My previous assistant got pregnant, had a baby and started working in home office mode. It just wasn’t working for me. I fired her.”.

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After a brief conversation, the man offered Eve a position in the company. His attention was drawn to the fact that he was urgently needed for this matter. “He asked me: ‘Let me know before Wednesday if you can work here as soon as possible”He recalled.

Faced with several warnings and practically convinced that the environment within the company was not good, the young woman turned down the offer. “Before I left there, I saw some of the staff. The expression on their faces was not good.”indicated.

The American’s story went viral and generated a lot of comments, with most netizens criticizing the boss’ poor attitude.

“There were so many red flags in that job and with the employer.”; “What’s wrong with bosses today?”; “I think they need someone from HR”; “It’s illegal”; “Corey”Some wrote in support of the young woman’s position.

Can a pregnant woman be fired?

Yes, a pregnant worker can be dismissed, but the dismissal must be justified for objective or regulatory reasons. If the termination is solely due to pregnancy, it will be treated as invalid by the regulatory authorities.

What are the labor rights of a pregnant woman?

Pregnant women have a series of rights that must be respected by the employer. Among them, they highlight the possibility of not attending prenatal examinations, and one and a half months of pre- and post-natal rest, as well as other benefits protected by law.

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