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The powers of a university authorized to function include the awarding of academic degrees BachelorTeacher, Doctor and Professional topics In the name of the nation, according to University Act.

In Congress, a bill was presented, which seeks to change the articles of the aforementioned standard (No. 30220), which correspond to the acquisition of a professional title. College students Bachelor’s degree holders may earn a professional degree from a licensed university, regardless of the university that awarded the bachelor’s degree.

The bill, authored by Congressman Estras Medina, is from the bench Parliamentary unity and dialogueindicates that “A professional degree may be earned at a licensed university other than the one that awarded the bachelor’s degree, provided the university so earned is accredited to offer the program of study leading to that degree.””.

As part of the foundation of the initiative, within the process of awarding degrees and degrees, a series of problems affecting university students related to academic and administrative aspects have been identified, “before which they are forced to resort to law. Internal or external to the university, the latter at the administrative or judicial headquarters.”

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“Even though there are no statistics from universities on the nature of the complaints presented by their students on the internal front, the work sound Conducted with university students to strengthen standards. In a January 2022 meeting with student representatives of licensed universities, demands mainly related to delay in awarding degrees and professional titles, little information on degree systems, speed in redressal of complaints etc. were gathered.maintains.

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He adds National Institute for Competition and Protection of Intellectual Property (INDECOPI) It is mandated to ensure that students and graduates receive better education services, and the agency has made public the claims data of the education sector (basic, technical and university) for the period 2021-2023. (Until March).

“Here we see that the third most frequent type of claim is due to problems obtaining a bachelor’s degree and/or degree.“, says one of the project’s considerations.

The initiative has been submitted to the Congressional Committee on Education, Youth and Sports, where it is under discussion.

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