Hikvision Village 2024 brings technology and security together

Hikvision Village 2024 brings technology and security together

This innovative event will be held from 25th to 26th September HiVision It will once again bring together industry experts and personalities from the field of technology and security to share new developments, discuss and analyze the situation.

With the slogan Stay connected to the future of technology and securityevent Hikvision village In its 2024 edition, it will once again be the center of technological innovation. 25 and 26 days Goya Theatre From Madrid.

In its second edition, Hikvision Village will be featured Presentations, round tables, workshops and the presence of professionals and personalities From the corporate and technology sector to share trends, innovations, developments and solutions for all types of sectors.

Innovation will be the common link To have key interest groups in the sector, connect with technology and discuss the present and future of the industry in this new edition of the event.

In addition, you can see directly The latest solutions and equipment from Hikvision and its partners. The event will have exclusive spaces where presentations, roundtables and workshops will be held with influential figures from the corporate and technology industry.

The event is significantly improved compared to the one held in Madrid a year ago, with the significantly larger and modernized space being divided into four large areas, ensuring an even more enriching experience for attendees.

From an organization they trust Much more than the advent of the first editionIt reached a thousand visitors, thus consolidating the event as one of the best in its category.

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To participate in Hikvision Village 2024: The future of technology and security is a must Register on the event websiteIt is one of the largest and most essential experiences of its kind.

Hikvision Village 2024 Areas

  • Theater: You can attend the most relevant talks every day in this spectacular room. There will be roundtables and presentations with influential people in different strategic fields.
  • Height: The thirty-minute sessions will integrate new products, solutions from technology partners and talks from distributors across the technology space.
  • Networking Area: An outdoor space that encourages the exchange of ideas and relationships between customers and partners, including Fodtrucks Provide food and beverages during the event.
  • Technical Location: It will allow you to tour the Hikvision Village through its streets, while discovering the different verticals where the company offers a different proposition of solutions and value. It will have representation from Transport, Retail, Critical Infrastructure, Smart City, Energy, Office, Civil Defense, Offices and Hospitals sectors.

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