Holiday August 30: Know what the non-working day is and to whom it applies | Answers

Next Wednesday, August 30, party Santa Rosa de Lima, a special day for the Catholic faithful commemorating the patron saint of America and the Philippines. In Peru, this date is announced holiday In the common national calendar, both education and labor work are suspended. If you work on this date, we’ll tell you how much you should get for your work.

How much do day laborers have to pay their workers?

Although August 30 is a holiday for Santa Rosa de Lima Day, some people have to work, so the employer is obliged to pay three times the amount to their employees who work on this date. The Lima Chamber of Commerce points out that one of these situations could happen this coming holiday.

Work on vacation

Private sector collaborators who contract to work without rest this August 30 will be paid three times the daily wage: 100% compensation for holidays and overtime.

Then work on holidays with rest

Employees must agree to work on this date, and in return, they will only receive their regular daily wages.


Remote workers have the right to negotiate a day off or triple their pay. Teleworking employees must receive their full wages even if they do not work that day. If the employer wishes to perform his duties without subsequent rest, he is entitled to three times his daily salary.

Weekly rest that coincides with holidays

If the worker’s retirement coincides with the next holiday of August 30, he shall receive his normal wages.


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Employees enjoying holidays are not entitled to additional holiday pay.

Why is August 30 a holiday?

This date commemorates Isabel Flores de Oliva, popularly known as Santa Rosa de Lima. A young woman devoted her life to prayer and devoted herself to helping the poor and sick.

His sanctity was recognized by the people of Lima while he was still alive, so his penance was commented upon throughout the city. Thus, he was considered a saint long before Pope Clement X canonized him in 1671, making him the first American saint. The same pontiff declared her the principal patroness of the New World (America), the Philippines, and the West Indies.

Santa Rosa died on August 24, 1617 at the age of 31. It is recorded that thousands of people attended her funeral to bid her farewell, which continues to this day and is reflected in the long lines her devotees form anxiously to leave her before August 30. best wishes.

Now, although there are no journal records of when the holiday of Santa Rosa de Lima was established, it is known as the saint’s commemorative feast. It was inscribed in the General Roman Calendar in 1727.August 30 marks the date of the celebration, followed by the anniversary of his death (August 24).

In other countries he is commemorated on August 23, the day before his death. For the Spanish-American countries, where he is the patron saint, in Peru, the 30th of August continues.

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