Holiday July 23 | What is being recalled, who does it apply to and how much do they have to pay me | Answers

In the coming weeks, new national holidays will be added to the list, following the recent approval of a plan in the Republican Congress. Also, in a meeting held at 4:00 am on June 23, the last day of this assembly, DMK holiday 78 votes in favour, 3 against and 4 abstentions.

What is the new national holiday all about?

Establishes an approved opinion “Peruvian Air Force Day and National Holiday on July 23 of each year, in memory of the heroic sacrifice of Capt. FAB José Abelardo Quinones González”.

Similarly, labor lawyer Cesar Bandriano said the holiday is aimed at both the public and private sectors. In this way, for the private sector, the opinion corrects Legislative Decree 713, to include this new date in the list of wage gaps for workers subject to the labor regime of private activities.

As is known, the decree became official after it was published in the official newspaper El Peruano on July 8, thus adding it to the list of holidays in the national calendar.

According to the Andean Agency, after declaring it a holiday, the Chamber of Commerce of Lima (CCL) It gave some details to the private sector employees working on the day.

“For the majority of workers, Sunday, July 23, is the compulsory weekly rest, so if no work is done on that day, the worker will only receive his basic wages; that is, on May 1, which coincides with the compulsory weekly rest day, no additional wages will be paid”. Manager of CCL’s Legal Center pointed out, Alvaro Galvez.

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However, if the employee is required to work on Sunday, July 23, unless he agrees to a mandatory rest and an alternate day of rest, he must be paid as follows: Pay equal to one day of vacation; and remuneration with 100% surcharge for work done.

When does this national holiday apply in Peru?

The President of Parliament Jose Williams Zapata signs and establishes the declaration National holiday to him July 23 In commemoration of the date of death of a gallant member of the creation Air Force from Peru (FAP).

Likewise, it determines that it helps to celebrate the memorial holiday FAP DayAnd as a complementary provision, it modifies Article 6 of Legislative Decree 713, a regulation that consolidates the law of wage breaks for workers subject to the labor regime of private activities, which formally incorporates only the balance of the new wages. The seventh month of the year, but June 7 Valid from 2024 onwards.

With this measure established by the Legislature, the calendar National holidays Officials in Peru were updated regarding the following list of fixed and movable dates:

1- New year / January 1

2- Holy Thursday and Good Friday (moving)

3- labor day / May 1

4- Battle of Arica and Flag Day / June 7

5- St. Peter and St. Paul / June 29

6- FAP Day / July 23

7- National holidays / July 28 and 29

8- June’s War / August 6

9- Santa Rosa de Lima / August 30

10- Battle of Angamos / October 8

11- All saints / November 1

12- Immaculate concept / December 8

13- Battle of Ayacucho / December 9

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14- Christmas / December 25

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