Homeland New Bonds 2023 | First special bonus October 2023: payment date, how to collect today and current amount

The Patria system will start delivering benefits in the coming days, but who are the beneficiaries? Find details here.

The first special bonus of October will be given on the first days of the month. | Libero composition.

What bonus is coming today? | One of the most sought after economic support by citizens First special bonus It will be delivered in October 2023. It is noteworthy that this grant is given with the aim of providing economic support to the Venezuelan people through the Patria organization.

To know the payment details and to review the amount to be charged, you should pay attention to the next paragraphs of this note.

When will the first special bonus of October 2023 be available?

So far, the Venezuelan government has not confirmed the exact payment date, but it is expected The first special bonus will be available on Wednesday, October 11. Let’s remember that all grants are paid by the Patria organization.

What is the amount of first special bonus for October 2023?

It is expected that Amount of first special bonus October is 140, although Nicolás Maduro announced that there may be some changes in the regime, which will be deposited to the members. Motherland wallet.

How to collect the first special bonus of October for Patria system?

If you want to collect this economic benefit, you need to take the following steps. Take note!

  • Enter your Patria system personal account
  • Go to ‘Wallet’ and then ‘Withdraw’
  • Choose the wallet of origin, amount and destination of funds
  • Click ‘Continue’ and ‘Accept’
  • Finally, the computer will show that the operation was successful.
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What bonus is coming today?

  • Country houses for three members
  • Bonus Jose Gregorio Hernandez

Hogares de la Patria: Can the subsidy be collected now?

To the delight of many, the Homeland Bonus started paying out on Monday, October 2. If you want to access the grant, you must have an account Home system.

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