Homeland Protector Bonds, Family Economy Bonus November 2023: Payment date and new amount to be collected in Sistema Patria | Social security bonus for people

What bonus is coming today? | Due to the severe socio-economic crisis in Venezuela, the The Nicolás Maduro regime It has been distributing various financial assistance through Home system For the month of November 2023. Meanwhile, we provide you with more details in this article Family Economic Bonus 2023.

Remember all that Domestic securities are provided in this Venezuela They are deposited on the Plataforma Patria website. what is that? It is a platform implemented by the Maduro regime so that citizens can register and hold a digital wallet.

November Family Economy Bonus: When Will It Be Delivered?

He Family Economic Bonus is paid monthly For persons enrolled in the Patria system. As reported by Canal Patria Digital on Telegram, the last deposit of this benefit was made from Tuesday, October 24. November will be the same date.

This is the delivery of the Family Economic Bonus in October 2023.

Family Economic Bonus: New amount for November 2023

Regarding the amount to be paid in November, it was confirmed 105.30 bolivars or almost 3 dollarsAccording to the exchange rate of the Central Bank of Venezuela (BCV).

How to Register in Patria System?

If you want to get Family Economic Bonus and other grants, then you need to take the following steps to register with the Patria system and there are no unforeseen events.

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