Honeywell is developing the technology to produce SAF

HIF Global announced that it is implementing it in its second plant; The future goal is to produce 11,000 barrels of eSAF per day.

Honeywell announced its UOP eFining technology, which is a solution for producing low-carbon sustainable aviation fuel (SAF). For its part, the company HIF Global (leader of eFuels) wants to implement this tool in its second plant in the United States.

eFuels, also known as electric fuels, replace conventionally produced fossil fuels. They are produced using electrolyzers powered by renewable energy to separate hydrogen from water.

In this way, green hydrogen is used with carbon dioxide (CO2) is recycled to produce methanol, which is a feedstock for a variety of sustainable fuels such as eSAF, eGasoline and eDiesel.

Honeywell’s UOP eFining is a methanol-to-jet fuel (MTJ) processing technology that converts eMethenol into eSAF safely, at scale and economically.

The technology is efficient, leading to the production of high-performance eSAF at a lower cost compared to other comparable technologies.

Honeywell’s MTJ process will reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions 88% compared to conventional jet fuel. Blended with the latter, eSAF is a drop-in fuel that requires no changes to aircraft technology or fuel infrastructure.

“As a leader in renewable fuel technology, Honeywell recognizes that developing new feedstock technologies is essential to the long-term decarbonization of the aviation industry,” said Jose Fernandez, President of Honeywell Performance Materials and Technologies for Latin America.

HIF Global is the first customer to sign a commercial agreement for eSAF production using Honeywell UOP eFining. The company expects to deploy the solution at its second commercial-scale eFuels facility in the US. The eSAF plant is expected to be the largest eSAF facility in the world, recycling approximately 2 million tons of captured CO2 and producing approximately 11,000 barrels of eSAF per day.

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Demand for SAF continues to grow and in Mexico, some national airlines already use this type of fuel in their operations to provide more environmentally friendly transport alternatives.

Honeywell Efining is the latest technology in a line of products driving decarbonization in the aviation industry. The company offers a number of ways to market using a variety of feedstocks, including EcofiningTM technology using fats and oils and the recently introduced ethanol jetting technology.

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