How Melissa Klug and Jefferson Farfán Celebrated Their Son Jeremy’s Birthday | eye view

Melissa Gluck and Jefferson Farfan They gave a pause to the strong jabs thrown at each other on social networks. While many hoped that the duo would celebrate their birthdays together, the long-awaited reunion is yet to happen. Youngest son Jeremy.

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The boy is 11 years old May 15, 2023, So both parents decided to do it Two different and separate celebrations.

On the one hand, ‘Salaka’ arranged lunch at a fancy restaurantHis mother, his grandmother, his son Adriano Farfan and his daughters Gianella Marquina and Melissa Lopatan Gluck.

Also in this intimate encounter for Jeremy Farfan Gluck’s birthday Jesus Fargo, Melissa Gluck’s boyfriend, was invited. La “Blanca de Chucuito” released an emotional video about what this lunch was like, where Barco’s complicity with the son of “Foquita” was praised; too You can see how he puts the food in his mouth.

Melissa Kluck wanted the day to be special and chose the perfect culinary experience for her last child.

Farfan took his younger son to dinner

On the other hand, former footballer Jefferson Farfán organized a very relaxed dinner to celebrate his last son’s birthday. In the encounter, the little one can be seen enjoying a hamburger with fries.

“My birthday boy with his little hamburger”, He is heard saying “foquita” in a video he posted on his Instagram stories. At this party His other son Adriano and his son-in-law were also there.

It is not known if the former Alianza Lima player organized a very lavish party for the minor.

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Jefferson Farban’s son’s birthday

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