How much do you know about the use of technology in football?

How much do you know about the use of technology in football?

Mexico City., June 29, 2024.- The use of Technology in football It gives you access to the world’s most popular game New tools to improve the fan experience: Inside, outside the stadium and in different broadcasts.

Here we present to you some of the technological innovations implemented in football in recent years.

was One of the well-known technologies is the app Video Assistant Referee (VAR), the aim is to support referees in decision-making and improve the game by eliminating human errors that can cost anything from elimination due to an offside goal, an unmarked foul or a poorly signaled penalty. The virtual assistant helps referees to be more accurate in marking games, for example offsides, with vectors drawn with the technology to detect the player’s position and check that he is correct, allowing you to verify or disallow a goal.

Although it has created controversy due to the possibility of evaluating a play from a different perspective when observing a slow motion shot, it is undoubtedly one of the most functional tools. According to FIFA, and according to World Football’s Strategic Objectives 2023-2027, it seeks to use technology in research, development and innovation with a view to improving the game on and off the field.[1]

Real time data. Football has entered a new analytical phase that allows teams and coaches to make better decisions in the field of play and to know the opposing players better: where they make more passes with the ball, take penalties, among other things. Data has become a fundamental part of sports strategy and the more information, the better results for teams.

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Have you seen the bags that players wear under their shirts? Well, there they carry a chip that also allows health, body wear and injury prevention, another technological element that has improved the football experience. That is, step Santander League and MicrosoftMore than 75 million pieces of data were collected from 21 weekly matches.

The fan experience.– Football is a part of visual and live entertainment events and in this area, technology is currently playing an important role. Equipment like America, Pumas and Cruz Azul They have implemented technological advancements offered by companies like Ticketmaster.

Application of new digital ticket Safetics Ticketmaster allows spectators and football enthusiasts to quickly, easily and securely access tickets to watch their favorite teams’ matches. With the new digital ticket, people can download their tickets from the same day of purchase without having to wait in long queues. In addition, this technology facilitates the possibility of adding tickets to the phone’s digital wallet, which speeds up their reading without the need for an Internet connection. Digital tickets have dynamic codes that change every 15 seconds, making them more secure, preventing counterfeiting and helping to combat illegal resale of tickets.

Also, SafeTix digital tickets are transferable, so sports fans can share their tickets with family and friends without waiting at the entrance to stadiums. Technology makes accessibility easier and creates a better experience for football fans.

Today more than 4.5 million digital tickets have been scanned at live sports and entertainment events. The rapid adoption of digital ticketing reflects the value it offers to its users.

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And better exchanges. Currently, the use of technology has encouraged more broadcasting channels to enter the sport, opening up more alternatives for fans to enjoy the games of their favorite teams, either through open television or through some digital platform or signal. Thanks to new devices such as tablets or cell phones, people can follow every game minute by minute in the palm of their hand, which has enriched this sport increasingly.

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