HP presents its vision for the future of technology at the Intelligent Future event – eSemanal

HP presents its vision for the future of technology at the Intelligent Future event – eSemanal

Within the framework of its insightful future event, HP Inc. Delivering technological innovations and solutions in-house, it has positioned itself at the forefront of the technology revolution driven by Artificial Intelligence (AI).

The event was attended by stakeholders such as Intel, Microsoft and AMD. The talks were held in a special module and holistic format with areas of holistic experiences led by the local HP team. Futuro Inteligente included a presentation by Carlos Cortes, Vice President and General Director of HP Mexico, with the aim of highlighting how AI is changing the business landscape, and he reiterated that HP is well positioned to seize this opportunity with a strategy. Integrated AI, creating new digital services and improving productivity, thus facilitating companies’ interactions with this new environment.

“At HP we firmly believe that AI is here to stay and transform all aspects of our lives. This incredible technology not only has the power to improve our work for better results, but it can also help us take creativity to new levels and create experiences that previously seemed impossible. This transformative journey requires the best technology, and HP has the complete portfolio to undertake it,” commented Cortés.

During the meeting, interactive activities and experiences were offered targeting distribution channels and the end user. Thus, guests were able to analyze key trends in the industry, the company’s consistent commitment to security and privacy, strategies and experiences for efficient management of a hybrid work environment, and the company’s sustainability objectives.

HP noted that it is leading companies not only towards a future of work powered by artificial intelligence, but also towards an era where technological advancement is intertwined with responsible business practices that have positive social impacts and promote environmental protection. In this context, the company highlighted the key trends discussed at the event:

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Growth opportunities in the era of innovation

The manufacturer said it has innovated across its product portfolio to capitalize on this market opportunity, which is why its ecosystem of global and local partners offers customized and reliable AI solutions that improve safety and productivity.

Another priority for HP is security, which is why the company’s teams are integrating technologies like Wolf Security to protect data and ensure resistance to AI-driven threats. Additionally, with solutions like the AI ​​Creation Center and WorkFace Experience Platform (WEX), HP is equipping businesses with tools to simplify complexity and strengthen digital security in an increasingly connected world.

AI-driven productivity

He Labor Relations Code According to HP 2023, 54% of workers and 72% of business leaders see artificial intelligence as a window to new opportunities, balancing their work and simplifying their processes. Based on these expectations, it was identified that it is necessary for collaborators to have appropriate tools and technologies.

In this regard, it boosts its PCs with AI designed to adapt to each user in a personalized way, with the promise of a more intuitive and efficient computing experience. From automating non-productive tasks to improving device performance and security, the manufacturer said it is setting the standard with solutions that redefine productivity and collaboration in today’s hybrid workforce.

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