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A woman vandalized the house she built on her ex-father-in-law’s land in Huaycán, Ate district. Naida Sagon expressed his anger at claiming his property because, according to him, he lived for 13 years in the second floor of the house he claims to have built with his partner, the owners’ son.

Chacon said he believed the word of his ex-partner’s parents: “My mother-in-law told me, daughter, use this land for my grandchildren, I will never throw them away. “I believed them, I believed them” The complainant expressed anger in front of television cameras.

A bitter surprise for the girl who returned from the trip

When I returned from a vacation in Puno and visited my parents, not only had the door lock been changed, but there was also a ‘For Rent’ sign, practically telling me to vacate the house.

“By the time they were good with my son, I told them to tie them up, right? In addition, I already put the second floor halfway up the house and built it. expresses Ricoberto VillalbaThe owner of the land.

The woman caused damage, breaking several windows and destroying fixtures in the bathroom. He estimates that he and his partner spent about 50,000 soles to build the second floor and install the whole house: “When I came back they changed my name, they didn’t let me in, I came with my two children. , “I had some money saved up from $5k and I can’t find it.”

The owners said their son would cover all the investments made by the woman. They explained that even though they were no longer a couple, their grandchildren had the right to live there. Finally, police from the local police station intervened to transport the woman and her son.

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