Hyundai Heavy Industries to buy local products to build large ships in Peru | Sima | Companies | Boats | Naval Industry | | economy

Hyundai Heavy Industries to buy local products to build large ships in Peru |  Sima |  Companies |  Boats |  Naval Industry |  |  economy

A South Korean company Hyundai Heavy Industries (HHI) and Industrial Services of the Navy (Sima) will produce high-tech multirole vessels in Peru as a result of signing an agreement in April for co-production. Four naval units. As part of the deal, Yong-Yeol Park, executive vice president of the company’s design and sales division, said: Attempts to provide technical support for modernization Sima By buying products with local content to improve Shipping industry in the country.

As a goal, the company seeks to make national industries independent and expand local content to buy everything from screws and nuts to larger products. Boats That will be built. “We will try to ensure that the level of cooperation for the next 15 years is worth US$415 million” HHI representative pointed out.

The above-mentioned Asian Company, is responsible Naval Industry, It has the world’s number one shipbuilding capacity Large ships Y Submarines.

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They identified 144 local suppliers

Park Also announced technology transfer Sima More than 138 processes and technologies will be presented Naval constructions At a Peruvian shipyard, nearly US$456 million. Additionally, it rated the identity of 144 Companies Local suppliers hope to expand this number Roadshows More national institutions should be involved every year Naval Projects.

Roberto Nesta Brero, former president National Society of Industries (SNI), He expressed his confidence in the ability of the national industry to participate in major naval projects. In the same line, General Manager of SIMA, Cesar Benavides Iraola, It announced that the production of the first four ships will create around 2,300 direct jobs among professionals and technicians.

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As such, they identified various companies that provide construction services, other companies that import goods, manufacturers of kitchen or residential appliances, and another group that monitors the life cycle of warehouses.

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On your turn, Deputy Minister of Mines and Industry, Cesar Gisbe Lujan, added that Ministry of Production (product) Established a committee to work on any gaps in the process. Additionally, he pointed out that there are plans to create a shipping cluster that will create a solid naval industry.

The day before yesterday, representatives Naval Industrial Services (Cima Peru) and from a co-producing shipyard Hyundai Heavy Industries Met to prepare the technical files that would allow the projects to run Naval Building Multirole vessel, one Offshore Patrol Vessel (OPV) and two Auxiliary Logistics Support Vessels (BALOG) etc.

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