In Hotels – Automated and digital technology in hotels is the choice of global travelers

In Hotels – Automated and digital technology in hotels is the choice of global travelers

Results of a recent survey conducted in the United States show a trend toward self-service experiences among today’s travelers, especially when it comes to accommodations.

July 5, 2024

Travelers and hoteliers indicate that guests will use more technology during their travels. A quarter of hoteliers expect to check-in more often through a hotel’s website, app or digital kiosk than a previous survey that showed the opposite results.

Other survey results show that a perfect hotel room should include smart home devices (43%), keyless room entry (34%), mobile room entry (27%) and digital ordering (24%).

A third (36%) admitted to turning to AI for recommendations when booking travel. Surprisingly, 52% said they use their vacation as an opportunity to work remotely. Working from the comfort of a hotel room is the top preference (69%), with a quarter of respondents saying they prefer to work remotely from a hotel pool or spa, with nearly 25% choosing a bar or hotel restaurant.

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On the other hand, those who travel for work agree that business trips open the door to other opportunities. According to the results of the survey, almost half of those surveyed (48%) extended their work trips into vacations. Hotel staff, guests traveling to work or guests combining work and vacation are most easy to serve (83% and 76%, respectively).

“Hospitality trends continue to change, but we’re seeing people prioritize travel again. While we see some weakness in mid-market and select-service hotels, the luxury sector appears resilient. “Guests visiting luxury properties are spending more time traveling and staying longer.” They pointed out from Muse, the company responsible for the survey.

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“We’re seeing a continued increase in people extending their business trips in order to have more leisure time and combine work with vacation. Forward-thinking hotels are capitalizing on this trend by embracing personalized guest experiences and offering a variety of services that meet their diverse needs. “More and more hotels are catering to their guests regardless of the reason for their trip. Adopting technology that creates seamless experiences” Adds the report.


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