In Surkov: Two people were injured in a horrific collision between two cars

According to the witnesses consulted RPP newsOne of the vehicles took the opposite routecause accident. The victim alleged that the driver was behind the wheel Effects of alcohol.

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The accident took place on Circunvalación del Golf los Incas avenue. | Source: RPP / Jackeline Arce

It could have been a tragedy. Two people were injured in the violence Car accidentIt happened this morning Circunvalación del Golf Las Incas AvenueIn Lima District pit.

According to the witnesses consulted RPP newsOne of the vehicles, a white Mercedes-Benz, took the opposite route of the above road, caused a head-on collision with another car, grey.

Product accidentTwo people were injured in the gray car and were transferred to the San Pablo Clinic by the fire department.

Drunk driver?

In conversation with R.BB newsMercedes Cacho, the sister of the driver of the gray car, accused the driver of the Mercedes Benz. accidentHe alleged that he was drunk and tried to escape.

“We are from La Molina, (my brother) was going to my house and (another) car hit him. Two people in the ambulance were injured,” he said.

“It could have ended in something worse. A drunk driver. He wanted to run away and talk to my brother to “cut the money” (bribe) and that was not the case,” he added.

The case remained under investigation Monterico PNP Police Station.

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