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Claudia Llanos’ project will be destroyed in “Al Fondo Hay Sitio”. Photo: Compound LR/USA TV

Macarena Montalban It will soon be published in “Al fondo hay sitio”. Joel and Mike have already paid the captives after sneaking into the office Francesca Maldini To get that amount, in exchange they get a place to find her, where she is with her friend Beatrice Bermejo. Claudia plains. However, the shared progress of episode 224 of the America TV series coming in the next few days shows a scene that has caught the attention of fans.

In an abandoned room, ‘Makkah’ hears a noise which reveals the presence of another person in another part of the place. “Did you hear that? Anyone else locked up?”Suddenly Alesia and Cristobal’s aunt says. At that point, the kidnappers are as scared as Claudia Llanos, who leads the men. “Nothing, nothing, it’s nothing, go up!” As they forced her out of the room, they shouted at her.

It’s important to note that Peter could be the person making the noise, as earlier scenes in the national TV series “Shark Sighting” showed him seeing a man in a deserted area.

Who plays Macarena Montalbán?

Peruvian actress Maria Gracia Camarra Macarena brings Montalban to life in “Al Fondo Hay Sitio.” Now, in the Peruvian series, his character is in jeopardy.

Where to watch “There’s room in the background” 10 live?

If you are interested in enjoying the series “Al Fondo Hey Sitio”, you have the option to tune in to the channel. America TV From Monday to Friday, from 8.40 pm onwards, it can be easily found on the channel’s open signal after the show “It’s War”.

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Who is Peter in “AFHS”?

Rodolfo Rojas Neira, better known as Peter McKay, is played by Peruvian actor Adolfo Suimán Vargas.

Peter may have escaped from Claudia Llanos and is locked out of the city in a place called “al fondo ha citio”. Photo: Compound LR/USA TV

“There’s room in the background”: distribution

  • Monica Sanchez as ‘Charo’ Flores
  • Jorge Guerrera, ‘Jaimito’ Gonzalez
  • Eric Elera as Joel Gonzalez
  • Magdiel Ukas as ‘Teresita’ Collazos
  • Gustavo Bueno as Don Gilberto Colazos
  • David Almandos as ‘Pepe’ Gonzalez
  • Laszlo Kovacs as ‘Tito’ Laura
  • Guadalupe Farfán Carreño as July
  • Yvonne Frassinet as Francesca Maltini
  • Giovanni Cicchia as Diego Montalban
  • Maria Grazia Camarra as Macarena Montalban
  • Karim Skander as Alessia Montalban
  • Franco Pennano as Cristóbal Montalban
  • Joaquin D’Orbegoso as Mike Miller
  • Ursula Bosa as Claudia Llanos
  • Paolo Goya as Hiro Moroboshi
  • Carlos Solano as Felix Banduro.

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