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“In the land of saints and sinners”: Liam Neeson proves himself in a classic detective story |  Review |  Review |  Review |  Summary |  In the land of saints and sinners |  Skip – Enter

Two preliminary conclusions before commenting “In the land of saints and sinners”, the most recent premiere of Liam Neeson Inside Main video. First: Even the Irish actor’s most ardent followers can’t deny that his recent productions have been on the down-low. (Variable) release dates aside, “Asesino sin memoria,” “Marlowe” and “Against the clock” aren’t even a shadow of the 72-year-old actor’s best films today.

The three examples mentioned above don’t necessarily compare to the “Taken” trilogy to be demoted. In the first, “Asesino sin memoria”, the actor played a hitman who suffers from Alzheimer’s disease and has to complete one last mission, which is very complicated. In turn, “Marlow” (“Shadows of a Crime”) came out, shall we say, the print that won Neeson fans all over the world. There, he plays the detective Philip Marlowe, who – dressed in a smart suit and wearing a classic hat – has to find the missing lover of a millionaire woman named Clare Cavendish.

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But the worst example of a regression is “beat the clock”. Directed by Nimrod Andal, ‘Brian Mills’ is remembered as a bank executive who puts success in his job over his family, and unexpectedly, while driving his children to school, he receives a threatening phone call: if he slows down your truck, the detonator of a bomb of terrifying proportions will be activated. To avoid this, he had to comply with the demands of cyber thieves who believed they could get hold of his company’s money.

Liam Neeson is Finbarr, a retired hitman who must protect his city from a terrorist group.

One does not expect the aura of “Restless Pursuit” to repeat itself with each new film. Liam Neeson, but expect at least an average level with the likes of “Revenge Below Zero,” “One Night to Survive” and “Unstoppable.” If none of the options we mentioned at the beginning of this note happen, we’ll have to wait until the pandemic is over to put fate in their place. “In the land of saints and sinners” restores faith in one of the icons of action cinema over the past decades, and we’ll explain why below.

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In the land of saints and sinners” tells the story of Finbarr Murphy (Liam Neeson), who has made Glencombille, a town in County Donegal, Ireland, his theater of operations for decades. Of course – something that happens again and again in many films featuring our action hero – we’re dealing with a self-absorbed guy whose steps seem slower than a man whose gray past is attributed to him. His kind.

That personality of Finbarr is mixed with another characteristic of Neeson’s usual characters: loneliness, this time with a slight twist. In the film directed by Robert Lawrence, our protagonist lives alone, he has no family, but many members of the town where he lives can be considered as such. From Vincent (Ciaran Hinds), the local police officer, to Sinead (Sarah Green), the bar keeper, through the latter’s daughter, Moya (Michael Gleeson), the woman who takes us to the central event of the story. . : The crime that unleashes everything.

Liam Neeson and actress Niamh Cusack in a scene from “The Land of Saints and Sinners”.

As in every small town, Finbar accidentally discovers that Moya’s father-in-law, Curtis (Desmond Eastwood), is maintaining a hostile environment in his home. Finding wounds on the minor’s neck and hearing her say, “He’s not my uncle,” convinces him to finish him off in anger. But even though he can do it, he decides to go to his boss, Robert McCue (Colm Meaney), asking him to hire another young hitman (Kevin Lynch / Jack Gleeson) to take care of the ‘small job’.

It is clear, if anything”In the land of saints and sinners“They’re a diverse cast of characters. Along with the hitmen’s leader and retired Finbarr’s ‘heir’, the aforementioned police officer Vincent, bar owner Sinead, next-door neighbor Rita (Niamh Cusack), a heavy-drinking neighbor. All nights, and making a living by playing music in a small bar. Even immigrants do. All the pieces to put us in a town in Ireland in the 70s.

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Among all these personalities there is one in particular that connects with Finbarr. It’s about Vincent. Although he does not know his friend’s ‘business’, the connection between the ‘man of the law’ and the criminal is interesting. The two of them hold shooting competitions with cans and bottles, play jokes and describe their personal activities. All but deal deeply with something that threatens the populace gradually: the presence of terrorists “fighting for Irish independence”.

Good performance by Desmond Eastwood as the villain Curtis in “In the Land of Saints and Sinners”.

Before proceeding, it is time to mention the second conclusion we presented at the beginning of this note. And it has to do with the way the film was released. Robert Lorenz’s film is slated to release in the last quarter of 2023. Halfway through 2024, it didn’t reach Peruvian theaters, nor did “Against the Clock” and “Marlowe.” It’s clear that, at least in the short term, Neeson’s next few films will have to get used to when they arrive on the different networks that make up the streaming ecosystem.

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A police classic with all its elements

In the land of saints and sinners” is not a political film, and this is evident because there are few references to what happened during that tumultuous political decade for the United Kingdom. The most significant revelation of the mentioned moment may be related to the presence of a cell of saboteurs led by Dorian McCann, played by a remarkable Kerry Condon. The Irish actress has no qualms about verbally and physically subduing any of the other three members of her group (among them Moya’s uncle). She directs, plans and executes the attacks.

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In the exhibition Who Will Be Finbarr’s Rival, Robert Lorenz’s film does a great job of proposing counterpoints. She squeals and solves everything, but he is sly. She reacts with bitterness and bad words, and he shows maturity and self-control. All this, of course, is countered by the crime of breaking the harmony in Glencomchill.

Liam Neeson and Jack Gleeson make a good pair in the film.

The emergence of responsibility for the aforementioned crime divides the film into two. From now on, Doireann will tirelessly pursue Finbar. Although our protagonist gives her a chance to reconsider, this seems to anger her. It’s in the planning of the final attack that another special connection emerges: the retired hitman and his successor, Kevin. What initially appears to be a cynical relationship (rooms included) turns into something much closer to true friendship through remarkable conversations.

A terrorist group chasing the city’s old attacker will guide most of the “second wind.In the land of saints and sinners”. There doesn’t seem to be an elaborate desire on Robert Lawrence’s part. We are faced with the perfect combination of action, suspense and drama, that is, in front of a classic police officer whose main strengths lie in its descriptions and the bonds (friendship, hatred, revenge) that its characters manage to weave. 73 years on the edge, an unbeatable opportunity to see talent of all descriptions Liam Neeson.

In the land of saints and sinners/prime video

Summary: In a remote Irish village, a damaged Finbarr is forced to fight for redemption after a life of sin, but what price is he willing to pay? In a land of saints and sinners, some sins cannot be buried.

list: Kerry Condon, Liam Neeson, Desmond Eastwood

Director: Robert Lawrence


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