India calls for consensus on development of digital economy among G20 countries EFE

India calls for consensus on development of digital economy among G20 countries EFE

New Delhi, Aug 19 (.).- Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday stressed the need to build consensus among the G20 countries to formulate policies to address the current challenges of the digital economy.

“It is important to build consensus on G20 high-level policies for a secure, reliable and resilient digital economy,” Modi said at the opening of the G20 digital economy ministers’ meeting in the southern city of Bangalore.

The Indian Prime Minister asserted that the G20, under the Asian country’s leadership, represents a “unique opportunity to lay the foundations for an inclusive, prosperous and secure global digital future”.

“With such diversity, India is an ideal laboratory for solutions. A successful solution in India can easily be applied anywhere in the world,” the Prime Minister’s Office said in a statement.

India expressed its lack of confidence in cryptocurrencies at the G20 Finance Ministers meeting on July 18, after the Financial Stability Board (FSB) urged all countries of the world to use the international regulation of crypto assets and stable cryptocurrencies it recommends.

The FSB wants crypto asset providers to provide full and transparent information about what they do and how they do it.

More than 200 foreign delegates are participating in this fourth and final meeting of G20 Digital Economy Ministers, one of the few remaining meetings for the 20-nation Leaders’ Summit scheduled for September 9-10.

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