India will test this vehicle to carry humans into space

India will test this vehicle to carry humans into space

It will be carried out by the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO). The first test of your space vehicle’s exhaust system Kaganyan, planned for late next year, is India’s ambitious manned space mission.

It will be The first of four trips The Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) said today that the spacecraft planned to send humans into space has stopped operating.

“Now is our goal Check the group escape method“With a test vehicle from the center of Sriharikota in the southeastern state of Andhra Pradesh, R. Hutton, director of the Gaganyaan project, announced today at a space conference in the Indian city of Bangalore, Indian news agency PTI reported. .

Vikram Sarabhai Space Research Center (ISRO) Director S. Unnikrishnan Nair had announced the development of Gaganyaan spacecraft last August. Exhaust system test Using a test vehicle.

“You know the exhaust system is the most important element in Kaganyan. So we want to Try it at different levels. One is when the vehicle is launched,” he said, referring to the type of testing expected to take place in the next two months, without a confirmed date.

The Gaganyaan program serves as a demonstration of human spaceflight capability Launching a three-man crew into a 400 km orbit ISRO said it will land in Indian Ocean waters for a three-day mission and a safe return to Earth.

Unmanned test missions, scheduled so far Aerial drop flights, platform apart testing and testing vehicles.

This ambitious mission was preceded by the successful launch and landing of the unmanned space probe Chandrayaan-3, which sent an explorer close to the Moon’s hitherto unexplored South Pole.

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This made India Fourth country to have a controlled moon landing On the lunar surface, so far only China, the United States and the former Soviet Union have achieved this.


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