Inés closes the circle and laughing science

In pictures: Inés Medina opens the exhibition at LumbrerasJose Mari Martinez


Cells that purify themselves, hearts that expel negativity and, of course, silhouettes. Undoubtedly, we face Series 23: Identity. Resolution of duality and pure consciousness. Closing the circle, work Inez Medina They said Love Luengo AguirreProfessor of Art History at UPV/EHU, Inés is a woman capable of describing at first glance the work that just appeared at the Lumbreras Gallery. Pecona Lumbreras He carries the reins given to him by his father Juan Manuel and his mother. Maria Jose Tarriba. It is worth visiting such a welcoming place. Not in vain, Mayte says once again, in his opinion, “This strong empathic reaction is one of the main assets of the artist’s work. “His works resonate in our courage and create a strong impact on the audience.” To take note.

Like the eternal art lovers who did it at the beginning of the show, Alberto Ibina Y Begoña Bidaurrazaga; Sculptor Efrén, Conxa Pisano, Belén Sánchez, Mirian AlzurYo; Artist Nuria Apodaca, Manu Vallejo, Ander Lopez, Isidro Medina, Raquel Coricelia, Ainho Arenaza, Juanjo Mulero; Young women Unate Sains, Natalia Navas Y Leire Elosegui, Luis Aranguren, Marta Barrios, Isabel Zarate And a few good people follow Inés, whose paintings radiate or cool depending on whose and how you look at them. There are great works like woman. Collateral damage of violence. The loss of self-worth, an oil painting on canvas, uses the same technique Inés uses in The Great Light of the Heart to expel the most dense negativity, gathering many basic healing knowledge. Great and striking, trust me.

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Let’s take a look at what the city has to offer during these weekends and the free time that its uses are appreciated. The parents of the Naukas gathering these days at Yuskaltuna Palace, which focuses on science, skepticism and humor, make it clear that Nauka means science in Russian. They favor the idea that neurons have two essential components in signal transmission: sodium (Na) and potassium (K) Naukas Project Miguel Artime (Michaelnai), Antonio Martinez (flashes) and Javier Peláez (The Irreducible Village), with Alejandro Polanco (@alpoma) have joined forces to create the largest online platform for the dissemination of science at the controls of the Internet. They passed that happy and stern meeting yard yesterday Juan Ignacio Perezwho spoke with a unique perspective on science, arts and letters; Jose Antonio Prado-Pazas, Jose Miguel VinasReid Verne came up with his passionate presentation, Damn!; Sir Barja, Ivan Rivero, Teresa Valdez, Raul Ibanez. Carlos Lopato, Lorena Perez, Laura Moron, Pablo Rodriguez, Anabel Forte And a few good people who love the science of laughing.

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