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Incorporate technology ChatGPT Its innovative experiences are the last step in the solution Infobip, Multinational cloud communication platforms, through which brands can optimize and fulfill their objectives, have already given their first fruits in Brazil, recognizing its potential as a growing economy, and will soon be implemented in other countries, including Spain. Hence, Infobip’s experiences with ChatGPT provide a set of pre-defined common use cases with a generative AI assistant that optimizes customer interactions, saves time and guarantees customer satisfaction with the aim of making campaigns profitable in this new shopping season.

Intensify the customer experience

In practice, Infobip experiences work like this: the company using the experiences provides data to feed the AI ​​assistant with content related to its industry. From there, use this information to define a messaging style that fits the brand, and the AI ​​assistant can answer consumer questions with human, well-informed conversations. Conversely, if you are unable to fulfill the customer’s request, the query will be forwarded to a human agent.

From GenAI-type booking to a broad list of use cases growing across all sectors of the economy, Infobip experiences the first to personalize the virtual interactions available on WhatsApp and make them more akin to human interactions. Thanks to ChatGPT technology, communication is more comprehensive and humanized. In fact, Infobip Experiences can create unlimited conversations using the right voice tone. All messages are pre-loaded by generated AI and can choose the most appropriate style for each site.

Lack of personalization affects the relationship between brands and consumers

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According to Infobip data, 68% of people prefer to communicate and buy products through messaging apps, but 75% of consumers say they are frustrated when customer service isn’t personalized. Introducing an AI shopping assistant solves this problem for brands in a very simple way. For example, the WhatsApp channel clearly stands out in the conversational commerce scenario with an 80% increase compared to previous years. For this reason Infobip is launching its new product in this open and ever-expanding market.

Ivan AstogicInfobip’s CFO commented in this regard.Ease of implementation and use is another difference. Infobip experiences only take minutes to configure and its omnichannel capability allows for chat channels or more traditional conversations. Although we started with WhatsApp, our omnichannel experience will allow us to be independent of the chosen platform, leading to other OTT channels such as RCS and Apple Business Messenger, or regular SMS and email for notifications.”.

Companies are currently exploring new ways to incorporate productive AI into their engagement products to provide a better conversational experience for their users in the buying process. Infobip Experiences is designed to work in any sector like retail, healthcare, transport and logistics or tourism.

“Companies are forced to invest in a system that brings their target audience closer and exceeds their expectations. Brazil is a market that is very receptive to new technologies, which makes it ideal for implementing Infobip experiences. Using a system that brings the customer closer to the company is a necessary business strategy capable of generating sustainable results. Sales and People need to feel that the company cares about their demands and how to meet them, both at the support and customer service levels. “This strengthens the relationship between the brand and its customers, improving their experience.”ends Astogic.

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