INPE installed VEP device for Melisa González Gagliuffi for variation in sentence

INPE installed VEP device for Melisa González Gagliuffi for variation in sentence
Melisa González Gagliuffi case: INPE promised to install a device before prison variation due to electronic monitoring. (Republic of)

National Penal Institute (COMMIT) was pronounced after the Supreme Court had modified the effective sentence of imprisonment Melisa González Gagliuffi A Electronic monitoring Employees (VEP). The device was installed on Tuesday, May 16, according to a statement issued in December.

The case was publicized in the media – on the same date as the INPE Juliana dress– Promulgated by the Fifth Criminal Liquidation Chamber Superior Court of Lima This result. With this in mind, action was taken.

In addition, the letter states “Prohibited Traffic”. In turn, González Cagliuffi will have in his home the inducements he has recognized before the Judiciary, as well as the code of conduct he must maintain.

“On the same day, at 9:00 p.m., INPE installed the VEP device at the authorized address with prohibited traffic. It is important to note that placing the said device involves giving the user an induction speech on its proper use. […]”, it reads.

INPE report on the case of Melisa González Gagliuffi. Photo: INPE

Like Gonzalez, a total of 45 people have received this type of grant, which aims to “contribute to reducing overcrowding in prisons,” the agency confirmed.

As recalled, in 2022, the Judiciary Six years decreed An effective prison sentence was imposed against the lawyer responsible for the deaths of two teenagers on Javier Prado Avenue because he was found to be speeding. However, the sentence was commuted in December without notice to relatives.

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Relatives publicly denounced the justice as “mocking” them as there was no reason for the change to exist. October 11 Joseph Huazuayo and the Christian Eagle They lost their lives due to the forceful impact, but since that day their relatives could not rest in peace.

Melisa González Gagliuffi: Arrest warrant changed for electronic surveillance|Video: Al Estilo Juliana

The two youths were on their way with their other partner to pass a medical test for a job, but they were attacked by the then lawyer, who was left unharmed after the accident. His friend suffered a fracture.

For former Home Minister, Wilfredo Pedraza, González cannot be a beneficiary of this measure, because only people over 75 years of age, those suffering from serious illnesses, those with permanent physical disabilities, pregnant women or children under the age of three can access it.

Additionally, it proceeds only with the “express consent” of the convicted person, but must remain on trial. But the investigator was not present and was not present then.

“When a person absconds, it is reasonably presumed that he is not willing to appear before the judicial authority,” Pedraza added.

Melisa González Gagliuffi: Arrest warrant changed for electronic monitoring

For four years, Fortunato Huashuayo Seek justice for his son Joseph Huazuayo. The father feels neglected by the Peruvian authorities. “Justice mocks poor people and it always mocks me and my family. There is no justice in Peru, and until now I have not been able to find it,” he said.

In 2019, Gonzalez Cagliuffi was released after the detention order was suspended, but he blocked the woman’s release. After that, his guilt was determined, but he did not appear before the judiciary.

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Despite the report, it was not specified whether Gonzalez was still in Peruvian territory or abroad. However, the father seeks justice for his only son.

The aforementioned medium was also able to contact Isa Mendoza Redamoso, The judge and the head of the Fifth Criminal Settlement Chamber of the Supreme Court confirmed that the defendant was never a fugitive. Despite the fact that it is included in the reward scheme of the Ministry of Home Affairs.

“The existence of this illegal contract is not considered a mitigation, it is not a mitigation, sir. “It’s an issue in civil compensation, what matters is behavior, willingness to compensate,” he notes.


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