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The program “Panorama” revealed that the Congress woman Isabel Cortez (Democratic Change – Unite for Peru) Considering 2026, it will use the resources of that state power in the middle of the representative week to create its own political group, called the Workers’ Party of Peru.

According to a Sunday newspaper, the parliamentarian went to Huancavelica in January this year, was paid by Congress, and used it to build platforms for his party. This event was recorded in a photograph.

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It should be noted that Cortez’s main adviser. Lewis JiaIt split in December last year and put forward a new party name National Election Commission (JNE).

On that trip they were accompanied by Member of Parliament Elena Coupe and Florentina Queiroz Lima Labor UnionA promoter of innovation Peruvian Workers Party.

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It is not the only region Isabel Cortez He went on a representative week this year to promote the new party: from March 18 to 22 he also did so in Trujillo, La Libertad region.

“I am going to the province at the request of the unions, they have their issues. The last week of my deputation I went to Dumbas. “Unions themselves build their platforms.”The Congresswoman told “Panorama” where she admitted to making the party’s logo during some weekly delegation trips.

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“Sometimes I’m carried. I think I went to Dagna, but I didn’t bring the logo, I think it was a Sunday (…) The trips were during the representative week”Cortez pointed out.

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