Israel says it has troops inside Gaza as it enters new phase of war against Hamas

Israel says it has troops inside Gaza as it enters new phase of war against Hamas

Army Israel Palestine “enters new phase” of war against Islamist group HamasAfter a night of heavy bombardment and a ground incursion by the Israeli army Gaza Strip . This is despite the fact that it is a general body him It endorsed a non-binding resolution calling for an “immediate and lasting humanitarian ceasefire” amid an Israeli military offensive.

“We have entered a new phase of war. Yesterday the earth shook Gaza” Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Galant said in a video released by his communications services.

Earlier, Israeli military spokesman Daniel Hagari assured that they were “advancing the phases of the war” against the Palestinian Islamist group Hamas, and that Israeli soldiers were fighting Ft.Gaza border By land, sea and air.

“Infantry, armored, engineering and artillery forces are participating in the operations, along with heavy bombardment,” Hagari said in a televised intervention, in which he insisted that Israeli soldiers were “still” fighting on the Palestinian border.

Israeli soldiers in a tank during preparations for a ground maneuver scenario at an undisclosed location near Israel’s Gaza border. | Source: EFE

He added that no soldiers were injured since the Israeli Defense Forces announced Expansion of ground operations GazaControlled by Hamas.

He recalled that there had been two leaders in the last few hours HamasHe was in charge of the group’s air and maritime command, and assured that “its removal reflects good progress in the phases of the war and enables the forces to fight against a weaker enemy.”

The speaker insisted that the army’s intentions should be thwarted HamasTo protect the borders Israel and to return hostages taken by the Islamist group and other Palestinian militants Gaza.

“It’s all part of our assessments, our progress, our decision-making,” he stressed.

Along with this announcement was released Complete disconnection of internet and mobile phone inside Gaza.

Israel steps up ground operations in cut-off Gaza | Source: EFE

Pictures of tanks in Gaza

Defense forces Israel They also released a video showing their tanks in motion Gaza Strip.

This is the first film released Israel The army announced last night that it was expanding its ground operations, with its armored cars inside the Palestinian territories. Gaza.

The recording is 40 seconds long and edited because of the different views of its tanks, some in color, others in black and white, in an area devoid of houses.

In these pictures you can see dozens of armored cars, sometimes moving and other times stopped, and in one of them you can see one of the vehicles firing.

Israeli army shows first pictures of its tanks inside Gaza | Source: AFP

Fierce fight

In the last hours, Al Qassam Brigade, Weapons Division Hamas, said they were facing a “ground attack” by Israeli troops north of the Strip.There is a “fierce fight” going on.

Before last night’s announcement, Israel For two consecutive days, he conducted small ground checksLocated in small areas GazaWaiting for the final result A large-scale ground military offensive that they have been announcing for almost three weeks.

An AFP television image shows a salvo of rockets fired from Gaza City on October 27, 2023, amid ongoing fighting between Israel and the Palestinian Hamas movement. | Source: AFP

People check out the destruction following Israeli strikes in Al-Shadee camp in Gaza City on October 28, 2023. Source: AFP

Humanitarian aid

when Israel attack Gaza By land, sea and air, Israeli military spokesman Daniel Hagari said he expected “humanitarian efforts” to increase and more trucks to enter the south of the Strip controlled by Hamas.

“To all residents Gaza Those who went south Gaza Strip“We are going to step up our humanitarian efforts,” the spokesman stressed, noting that trucks approaching the enclave’s south would carry “food, medicine and water.”

He added that the southern part of the Strip was “safe and protected”. It has been the target of Israeli bombings in recent days.

The last aid convoy entered on Friday Gaza Through the Rafah crossing on the border with Egypt with twelve trucks running out of medical aid and fuel.

This is the fifth convoy to enter Gaza There are now 74 aid trucks in a week.

Relatives and friends of those abducted and missing since the October 7 Hamas attack are gathering today in the square of the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, renamed the Square of the Hostages and the Disappeared, by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and The. Defense Minister meets them. A statement issued by the Forum of Families of Hostages and Missing Persons said that if this meeting does not take place, they will continue with further protests. | Source: EFE

Meeting with relatives of hostages

Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant announced that he will meet with representatives of the families of the hostages he is holding on Sunday. Gaza Palestinian Islamic Group Hamas The announcement was made officially on Saturday amid concerns over their safety after the Israeli military stepped up its ground operation.

This announcement was made after the relatives informed Israel claims 229 hostages are being held Gaza He made an urgent call for a meeting not only with Gallant but also with the Prime Minister IsraelBenjamin Netanyahu, after increasing Israeli incursions into the Palestinian territories.

UN General Assembly calls for “immediate humanitarian ceasefire” in Gaza | Source: AFP


Already on Friday, the General Assembly him Approved by an overwhelming majority (120 votes in favor, 14 votes against and 45 abstentions) the resolution called for “ceasing hostilities”. GazaThe system was the first to be adopted by the UN body after four failed attempts by the Security Council.

The resolution “rejects the forcible displacement of Palestinian citizens” and contained Rejected by the US, Israel and other allied countriesBut it had the approval of the Arab world, Russia and China, while the European Union voted split on the same text.

Israeli Foreign Minister Eli Cohen “absolutely” rejected what he described as a “despicable call for a ceasefire by the United Nations”. GazaAfter the above resolution.

war between Israel Y Hamas It began on October 7 after an attack by an Islamist group on Israeli soil that left 1,400 dead, 5,000 injured and more than 200 kidnapped. Gaza.

In response to this, the Israeli army is attacking by throwing bombs Gaza Since then, it has caused more than 7,300 deaths and nearly 19,000 injuries. (With information from EFE and AFP)

Israeli strikes in the northern Gaza Strip, seen from Israel’s Sterod, as the army expands its ground operations after intensifying bombing in the Palestinian territories, three weeks after the worst attack in the country’s history. | Source: AFP

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