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Ivana Uterbe and Beto Da Silva They lived happy moments in recent days during the baptism and birthday of their beloved daughter Almudena. The couple celebrated these special occasions in Arequipa, where they live, due to Beto da Silva’s work as a footballer for FBC Melgar.

TROME – Ivana Yturbe and the exorbitant amount she spent on her daughter’s baptism, according to the event organizer: “almost 60 thousand soles”

Ivana Uterbe and Beto da Silva organized an exceptional celebration to commemorate their little girl’s second birthday, which coincided with her baptism. According to a report presented on ‘Magaly TV, la firma’, to host this event, the influencer will have contacted the most exclusive brands in Arequipa, which will require two months of preparation.

According to the event organizer, Ivana Uterbe and the exorbitant amount she spent on her daughter’s baptism.

The christening was a very intimate gathering, with only 24 guests including family and friends. However, the celebration for Yturbe’s daughter’s name day was a big one, attended by 70 people.

The event was held at a charming location next to the Chili River and featured pinatas, a magic show, craft activities, a variety of food, grills, a hamburger machine, catering service, popcorn machines, and personalized gifts for guests. Babies, bubbles. and decorated tables.

Mace Espinoza was in charge of coordinating the two events, and in an interview with the ‘Urraga’ project, he confirmed that he billed the couple 10,000 soles to host the celebrations.

“It includes decoration, furniture assembly, transportation, logistics, awnings because we have different awnings in both areas” The ‘Urraga Cameras’ show organizer explained.

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According to the information provided by ATV, if the space is rented, it would be more than 15,000 feet. On the other hand, Espinosa also noted that the total cost of the party could have been higher.

“60,000 soles and it could be more. Surprises were incredible, there was full attention, a lot of everything. A party like I’ve never seen in Arequipa with so much going on. “They employ the best brands” Mace explained.

However, he noted that some companies and entrepreneurs have agreed to give Ivana discounts in exchange for mentioning her in her Instagram stories.

Ivana Yuterbe is hard at work decorating the apartment she lives in with Beato da Silva. Photo: Spread

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