Jaime Bailey suffers from forgetfulness of her daughters: “I ask them questions and they don’t answer”

Jaime Bailey suffers from forgetfulness of her daughters: “I ask them questions and they don’t answer”
Jaime Bailey is devastated after being separated from her eldest daughters. | Capture/YouTube/Broadcast

Popular Peruvian writer and presenter Jaime Paley recently shocked his supporters. Lack of attention to his older daughters, Camila and Paola, leading him to feel deep sadness. The popular ‘Enfant Terrible’ opened up about the plight of his heirs in the most recent episode of his YouTube podcast.

In that episode, he reveals that his relationship with them has deteriorated over the years, and they no longer contact him to wish him Father’s Day.

In the video, novelist Silvia Núñez opened up about how the relationship has changed since starting a new life with Del Argo. However, despite their efforts to maintain family ties, the young women decided to distance themselves, much to their chagrin.

“It affected me that my older daughters, Kami and Boy, didn’t even send me an email on Father’s Day. I think they are very happy to be forgotten, but someone like Dad feels the silence, feels the absence,” Paley was honest with his followers.

The ‘Don’t Tell Anyone’ author also shared how he tried to get close to his daughters on several occasions. After several messages I did not get a direct reply.

“I asked my daughter where she would be in July and August and she never answered. When I asked questions they didn’t answer, but she said, ‘Dad, can you buy me a plane ticket to that place?’ That being said, I do it. The exchange is unequal, and I expect a compliment when I do what I ask,” he explained in a resigned tone.

“I’m sad and disappointed and I’ve done my best as a father. I never missed them At university, trips and vans,” Jaime Bailey expressed his dismay at not being recognized for his efforts.

Jaime Bailey married Sylvia Nunez Del Argo in 2011. They have a 12-year-old daughter.

La RAbdura on the relationship between Jaime Paley and her daughters It develops after a complicated divorce Sandra MaciasMother of Camila and Paula.

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In 2010, young women decided to change their last name on Facebook to protest their father’s new relationship. Sylvia Nunez del Argo. The public demonstration came in the wake of allegations against Macias that Bayley abused his latest partner during her pregnancy.

This controversy marked a turning point in the relationship between the writer and his successors, who had been his greatest pride until then.

Daughters of Jaime Paley. | diffusion

In 2017, the writer returned to Peru with her little Joe, the child she had with the 35-year-old writer. Paley promised the girl would remind her of her roots and her love for Lima.

Despite his efforts, his relationship with his older daughters was strained, although they eventually managed to patch things up.

Paley described the rapprochement with the young women shortly after, explaining that they both lived. “Cold War” for almost four years. During that period, Camila and Paola refused to see him and did not want to meet his younger sister or his stepmother.

“We started talking again, we are close, we often write e-mails, and I am very excited about the possible and soon meeting. It has improved a lot, at least we communicate now,” revealed the famous writer, who was optimistic when the reconciliation seemed close.

However, Father’s Day greetings are lacking Wounds have reopened this yearLeaves Paley deeply disappointed.


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