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Feel the pain. Jaime Paley He has made it clear that his relationship with his father was never the best. Now, on to his latest column ‘When the Gods Sleep’, The Peruvian journalist talks about this subject again and opens the doors of his privacy, where he describes the difficult moments he had to live in the presence of his father under the same name.

Jaime Paley and his meeting with Mega TV’s new manager

“For reasons I cannot understand as a stupid child, My father the gunslinger loved my sisters, but he hated me even though I was his eldest son and bore his name.Or precisely because of it. “It was not sporadic, random hatred: it was even and, therefore, predictable,” he notes.

For Jaime, it’s a terrifying feeling to have his father approach his bedroom, where anything can happen, like the repeated assaults he suffered as a teenager.

With my back to him, he pulls down my pants and slaps my bare buttocks.. He was so unhappy that he had to share his misery with me. Then he retired and became quiet,” he points out.

Jaime Bailey and the time he ran away from his home

He faced the powerful conflict his father had unleashed against him. Jaime Bailey decided to run away from home at the age of 13. He reveals that he had to steal jewelry from his mother, take refuge in downtown hotels and even buy the wrong magazines. However, he was taken in by his own father, and after a few months, his mother sent him to live with his maternal grandparents.

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Thanks to them, my maternal grandparents, I learned what we can call family happiness, that is, the elders look at you with affection and tenderness, they celebrate your jokes, they appreciate your company., they invite you for a cigarette or whiskey with ice, they invite you to see Sao del Ocho or a World Cup game. My maternal grandfather was then my father, and his dream of reclaiming the farm the army had stolen from him was mine. From then on, I learned to hate my grandfather’s black beasts, the priests and the army”, he concludes.

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