James Webb photographed a question mark in space. The good news is that we know what it means.

The universe is so wonderful that we can distinguish the symbols of our language, even if they are funny coincidences.

This pareidolia has a logical explanation, although it looks like an image edited by AI.

With terrestrial and space telescopes like James Webb’s, we’re poised to show us all that leaves us from Earth, beyond our solar system. We recently showed you one star couple Herbig-harrow is known as 46/47 and has a hidden in its image Mystery This has already been revealed.

A picture detail that most people don’t notice

You’re not looking at the cover image wrong, no. While talking to you about the stars Herbig-Harrow 46/47Few of us know that there was a question mark lurking in the picture released by James Webb, which seems to have been discontinued now. Cosmic mystery, will appeal to astronomy enthusiasts. According to Information published on Space websiteStars formed in Constellation candle Witnesses of a MeaningIt already is for him Color gives us some Clues.

To solve the mystery, the aforementioned medium was contacted Representatives of the Space Telescope Science Institute The agency responsible for running NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Baltimore points to this Red colour What the subject already represents So far in his presence. According to Confident:

It is a distant galaxy or galaxies (whose interactions may have caused the distorted question mark shape).

And that’s it Scientists They have assured that For the first time they notice In this interest Meaning To establish what it is really about, it is necessary to investigate its nature a little more. The website also consulted an assistant professor at Illinois State University. Matt CaplanWHO confirms:

The two distinct features can easily connect the galaxies, a tidal disruption phenomenon where the top of the question mark is part of a larger galaxy. Given the color of the other galaxies around it, this doesn’t seem like a bad explanation. Although the connections are confusing, double-lobed objects with curved, outwardly extending tails are the most common.

James Webb photographed a question mark in space.  The good news is that we know what it means.NASA

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