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He took it with humor. Janet Barbosa stumbled during this morning’s broadcast ‘America Today’, Edson Davila He never misses an opportunity to troll the popular ‘Rulidos’.

Janet Barbosa falls live

This happened when Janet jokingly criticized Rodrigo Cuba’s presentation on his new talk show. As she sat in her chair, Barbossa began to descend, the furniture slowly falling on her head until she fell.

The “accident” drew laughter from his colleagues and Janet Barbosa, who was quickly assisted by Cristian Dominguez, while “Giselo” used the moment to send a punch to the driver.

“No matter how much you make fun of that girl, she’s not up to it anymore. There it is, evil, don’t laugh”, Edson Davila said between laughs.

Janet doesn’t want Samhara driving ‘USA Today’ for being late: “It doesn’t work for me, dragged out”

Can’t stand the punch. Janet Barbosa was uncomfortable Samahara LobedanMelissa Gluck’s daughter will pass the test because she’s late for the ‘USA Today’ live broadcast. Valeria Square.

“Rulitos” hits out at Yoona’s ex-partner, who overhears her over coffee behind the scenes: “Let’s say it’s your first day on the job and it’s the chance of a lifetime to host a TV show, and you think what better day than to be late to the co-host.”

“I’ve been in this environment for 25 years, and I still come to work an hour early and someone doesn’t take responsibility for something for me, they don’t go, I think they’re pulled.”

Janet Barbosa is upset with the co-worker applicant

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