Jasmin Pinedo reported being defrauded of more than S/ 100,000: “It was money for my daughter’s education” | TVMAS


Jasmine PinedoThe model and TV host revealed on her show that she was scammed and lost her life savings.

Gabriela Serba’s ex-boyfriend, Gonzalo Mendez, recalls his betrayal of Israel Dreyfus. The ex-warrior was encouraged to narrate his ordeal.

Three years ago, Sinitha revealed Someone close to her convinced her to pay a certain amount in return for high interest.

Gaining their trust, This man demanded a huge sum of money, exceeding S/ 100,000, which he finally lost.As he does not receive any interest or capital.

“[…] He approached me to ask for money and I gave him, I’m talking to you more than 100 thousand soles. I give him this money and the person returns it to meHe contacted.

He then added: “[…] At first they gain your trust even if they say; ‘I already have it ready’ and they asked me for some more money., He pointed out that he had lost his life savings.

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The savings he lost were for his daughter’s education

On the other hand, while hosting his show, the host pointed it out This money was for her little daughter’s education and future.

“I have been giving her my savings since I was a child and I have been working since I was 16. I gave her most of my savings, which I had earmarked for my daughter’s education and future…”He commented.

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He then added: “I believe he is the one behind this situation “Put your hand on your heart and do what you must.”

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Finally, the American TV presenter revealed that they are taking legal action to recover their money, which is why she refrained from sharing the identity of her scammer. “I’d like to avoid naming names as I’m looking into this situation legally with my lawyer.”He pointed out.

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