Jefferson Farfan speaks for the first time about his frustrating interview with Magali Medina: “”I found her at my house, I greeted her, I went to my room and she started screaming” | Showbiz | Footballer Stories | Video | Shows


Jefferson Farfan His uncle Guto agreed with Guadalupe La Fay de Guto and gave unknown details of his frustrating interview Magali Medina When I lived RussiaMany years ago.

According to FogitaMagpie came to his home in Russia as a surprise to him, as he had not expected him to interview him, given their personal differences and the case of his comrade Paulo Guerrero.

Jefferson Farfan He said he only talked to the person who coordinated his interview with Latina, but they always promised to talk about soccer, specifically the 2018 World Cup in Russia.

“I don’t understand why he is looking for me in Russia to do an interview that is said to have already been agreed upon. The interview with Mrs. Magali Medina was never agreed upon, I will not do it, I will not be interested. The coordinator spoke to me directly, there was going to be an interview about the World Cup in Russia, but with a sports program, I didn’t know that the lady had a program, I think it was on Channel 2, but the coordinator told me that it was an interview with someone to talk about World Cup football”, Commented the former footballer.

As such, he revealed that he had agreed to the interview, but when he asked who he was going to talk to directly, they said they were opting for an interview.

“Obviously I trusted that person, they invited me to dinner one day when they were in Russia, I couldn’t because I was focused on the locomotive, and my cousin who was cooking at my house the next day. “I didn’t find out from the coordinator, but from my cousin,” he tells me. He commented.

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The Fogita He said that his family had informed him Magali Medina She was at home with her husband, the coordinator and the cameraman of her show. “I was surprised because it was obviously not in my mind that there was going to be an interview with the lady. I took a quick shower“I came home and found Mrs. Magali inside my house. I was surprised. Out of respect, I greeted her and her husband and went to my room.”He explained.

The Magali coordinator pleaded with Farfan in an interview

Jefferson Farfan, From the second floor of his house in Russia, he called the coordinator on the first floor and complained. “He told me it was all at the last minute, and I told him, ‘It didn’t work.’ “He called my mom and she called my boss to please tell them, but I told him no, the interview didn’t happen.”, He thought.

The former footballer said he heard that Magali Medina With the cameras already on and everything set to start the interview, he started shouting his coordinator’s name from the first floor of his house.

“About half an hour passed, He started yelling at the guy and Julio told me ‘please, they’re going to throw me out because we have to do the interview no matter what’. I told him it was not my problem Wherever he came from he had to leave like ChavoJefferson Farfan said.

Farfan did not say goodbye to Magali

Kudo Guadalupe He asked his nephew if he ever said goodbye to him. Magali Medina He clarified that he did not do so on that occasion and the issue remained there.

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“No, the woman left with her husband and the cameraman and the matter remained the same. “That’s the reality, Ms. Magali never had a direct coordinate to interview me, they didn’t mention her in the coordinates.” He finished.

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