Jefferson Farfan took over to oversee the construction of his next shopping center

Jefferson Farfan took over to oversee the construction of his next shopping center
Jefferson Farfan is shown under construction on his shopping center.

Jefferson Farfan He is in the public eye after it is known that he will be involved in the construction of a shopping center. The ex-footballer left the fields and started making investments that gave him better results. Thus, it was revealed that he has invested his money in a facility which has started construction and which will bear fruit from December this year.

was Gabriel Calvo, In your project YouTube ‘Nobody’s Saved’ Who published this information? The actor made this betrayal and said that the best friend of Paulo Guerrero already decided to invest in the construction of a mall with a supermarket on the list. Although he said the shopping center was owned by Farban, it was not clear whether it was a dream or a partner.

“I have Jefferson Simi. In the old Panamericana Sur, past the silence, a little further, they are building a mall. There is already a famous brand that has a store called Wong, there are many stores, and the mall is from Fogita Farfan,” he revealed, much to the surprise of everyone present.

Noting that he does not give unknown news, he celebrated doing a profitable business. “He’s doing his job well. I’m not doing any treachery or anything here. “Everybody knows you’ve got a silver cue,” he said.

The retired footballer has left the field and is now investing his money elsewhere. | TikTok

Through the broadcast channel, the creator of the content, Rick LaTorre, He shared the picture Jefferson Farfan This construction supervision. It was known that a shopping center would be built Punta Hermosa Also, he is already in the process of raising 3 floors, a worker even revealed that the athlete visited the facilities months ago.

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And in a photo posted by TikTok, the former Peruvian forward can be seen walking through the building wearing his protective helmet. In addition, it is clear that workers pay attention to the presence of popularity ‘Fogita’, who even wants a photo with him. So far, Farfán has not commented on this issue, so everything indicates that he wants to keep this personal financial information confidential.

Jefferson Farfan is shown under construction on his shopping center. (Rick LaTorre)

A statement ‘All Filtered’ Panamericana Televisión showed details of the new Jefferson Farfán shopping center. The program reporter reached the Panamericana Sur 40 kilometers where the construction of this facility is located.

According to the images, construction began in January and was scheduled to last 11 months, leading to completion in November. An official gave some details and explained that the project is scheduled to open in December. “In December this year as planned “To be opened in December”He noted.

Jefferson Farfán: All the details of the upcoming shopping center. | Panamericana TV

Another mason admitted that this 3-storey ‘mall’ with approximately 200 shops was owned by Farfan. This data will be confirmed with the shared image Rick LaTorre

So, to find out if this project is completely owned by Jefferson Farban, ordinary citizens can visit it and see all its facilities, they will have to wait for a few months before it becomes operational.


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