Jefferson Farfan’s Million Dollar Investment in His Own Shopping Center: How Much Did It Cost to Build?

Jefferson Farfan’s Million Dollar Investment in His Own Shopping Center: How Much Did It Cost to Build?
Jefferson Farfan invested a million dollars in the construction of a shopping center America Today – America TV

A new construction shopping complex In ancient times Panamericana Sur As it has been reported, it has aroused public interest Jefferson Farfan, a former Peruvian soccer player, will be one of the owners of this enormous complex. Performance amid expectations ‘America Today’ Confirmed that the former player Lima Alliance Yes, he is working on building a shopping center ‘Fogita Mall’.

According to the presenters of the magazine, Janet Barbosa, Brunella Horna Y Ethel BozoThey had already known it for months Jefferson Farfan had decided to engage estateInvest specifically in a publication shopping complex Located in the small south. However, they kept the secret so as not to spoil the surprise.

Jefferson Farfan is shown under construction on his shopping center. (Rick LaTorre)

Now you see Jefferson Farfan In work, Bruella Horna The former footballer noted that he had decided to invest in new construction shopping complex, which had financial backing from various brands. “Before investing, brands bet on, They have already signed a contract.Noted the blonde who didn’t hesitate to joke about the possibility of having a block of her clothing brand at the complex.

According to plan’America Today‘, Jefferson Farfan One of the new investors shopping complex It will open in December this year at the old Km 40 Panamericana Sur. The ex-footballer would have paid the lump sum 55 million solesThis will give him the right to rent a surface 8,700 Sq.Mt Inside the mall.

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The substantial investment earmarked for the venture led the ex-player Team Peru Be actively involved in overseeing the work and ensure that your capital is used appropriately.

According to ‘America Hoy’, Jefferson Farfan is one of the investors building the new shopping center.

So far, ‘ is not known.Fogita Mall‘There are more investors, or if there were Jefferson Farfan The sole financial person responsible for the ambitious project.

L Magazine’America TodayHe mentioned that the old is the new shopping center Panamericana SurWhose owner will be Jefferson FarfanIt will open its doors in December 2024. It has three stages Parking lots, Gym, Paddle Courts, Restaurants And one Various business offer. Additionally, it will have a well-known home Super MarketIntegrating itself into an integrated destination for shopping and entertainment.

Jefferson Farfan fulfilled his dream by building his shopping center.

In a recent interview with the hosts ofAmerica Today‘, former footballer Jefferson Farfan After retiring from professional football, he confirmed that he is exploring a new dimension as a businessman. “Yes [me estoy dedicando al mundo empresarial]There are a few things. I have been working for five years in a field I never imagined. “I’m going to start something that you’ll soon find out, and that’s related to construction,” commented ‘Fogita’.

During the conversation, Jefferson Farfan His mother stood out Donna Charo, who encouraged him to take this important step in his career. “It’s really thanks to my mother, she’s a visionary. She’s one of those people who always set me straight when I was thinking about other things. “We have to think about the future, about the future of the children and the family,” the former player added. Lima Alliance.

Jefferson Farfan thanked his mother for supporting him in his new role as an entrepreneur.

Farfan He assured the hosts of the show. Janet Barbosa, Brunella Horna Y Ethel BozoHe will reveal all the details of his new venture soon’.America Today‘. Anticipation builds around this new phase.10th Street‘, he is trying to establish himself as a major figure in the business world, just as he was in his sporting career.

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