Joe Biden to ask US Congress to “urgently” approve aid to Ukraine and Israel | Russia | Hamas | Volodymyr Zelensky Benjamin Netanyahu | Vladimir Putin | USA | Latest | the world

Joe Biden to ask US Congress to “urgently” approve aid to Ukraine and Israel |  Russia |  Hamas |  Volodymyr Zelensky  Benjamin Netanyahu |  Vladimir Putin |  USA |  Latest |  the world

President of America, Joe BidenHe announced on Friday that he will send a budget request to Congress this Thursday.rush“to finance”National security requirementsAmerica and support Israel Y Ukraine.

It’s a smart investment that will pay dividends for American security for generationsBiden said in a speech Oval Dispatch from White HouseIt was broadcast live on major television networks in the country.

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He “American leadership“, said the President,”It is what holds the world together“y”Go away Ukraine“Oh”Turn your back Israel“es”Risk it all“y”It’s not worth it”.

According to leaks in the US press, Biden will demand $60 billion, among other amounts War in Ukraine14 billion dollars for Israel and 14 billion dollars for the border America.

Help us keep US troops out of harm’s way. Help us create a safe, peaceful and prosperous world for our children and grandchildrenBiden noted that it shows his clear intent to mobilize public opinion to pressure a Congress that is “united on the need to support Israel, but divided in favor of Ukraine.”

President continued in Israel.We must ensure that they have what they need to protect their people today and always” So this Friday request means “Unprecedented commitment“With Your Protection”It will sharpen the qualitative military advantage“From the country.

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Let’s make sure that Iron Dome To continue to protect Israel’s skies. Let the other hostile actors in the region know that Israel is stronger than ever and prevent this conflict from spreading.“, he said.

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Biden asked Congress to continue providing aid to Ukraine.Stop Putin’s brutality”. America”Essential nation“For national security, Biden said he would not send US troops to fight in Ukraine.

In the US Congress, both Democrats and Republicans supported Israel and expressed willingness to provide it with more military aid.

However, for Ukraine, the political situation is different: the majority of the democrats are united in their support. KievRepublicans are divided.

In particular, the majority of Republicans in the Senate, especially their leader, Mitch McConnellPreviously supported the continuation of support for Ukraine Russia.

However, the most serious division Republican PartyLike the former president Donald Trump (2017-2021), opposes the idea and, at the end of September, has already used its influence Low camera US to block further aid to Ukraine

I know we have our divisions at home. We must overcome them. We cannot allow petty politics and angry partisanship in our responsibility as a great nation.“, he said.

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America cannot allow that, he added.Terrorists want Hamas And tyrants like Putin” Go ahead.

In this context, the Republican Party continues without a leader House of RepresentativesThey have a majority after winning that chamber in the November 2022 election. No clear will to change Paul McCarthy In an unprecedented event in American history, the extreme wing of the Republican Party ousted him on October 3.

Faced with this situation, Biden has decided to combine aid to Ukraine with Israel, which has broad bipartisan support, in an effort to overcome the blockade it has faced so far from opposition from the pro-Trump House. Republicans.

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