Jorge Luna and Ricardo Mendoza on ATV at Huatad in JP | Video | programs

Jorge Luna and Ricardo Mendoza on ATV at Huatad in JP |  Video |  programs

Jorge Luna and Ricardo Mendoza Huedas performed from Speaking JP and ATV And their followers Danny Rosales and Alfredo Benavides and other members of the comedy show hesitated every Saturday.

This is how they did their ‘Public Documents’ section with the requests of Alfredo Benawitz, Gabriela Serba, Yuka and Dayanita.

That’s how they remembered ‘little brother, new mother nothing’, Dayanita’s ‘surprise’, Gabriela Serba’s arrival at home. It will be, many mirrors above. “Nothing happened anyway,” said the driver.

Just like those who follow them every Saturday, this time too Ricardo Mendoza and Jorge Luna They took advantage of the moment to take photos with their followers, who left the scene without realizing it.

Ricardo Mendoza confirms that the criminals wanted to kidnap him

Speaking to Ricardo Mendoza Huataz, they confirmed that they had tried to kidnap him, leaked to the press the night before. “It is true that they are signing me. yes that’s right”She said ‘No Collagen, No Milf’ on the ‘We Are Not TV’ YouTube channel.

“I am calm and I have people who support me in that way; But with caution”Jorge Luna’s partner said a few days ago.

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