Jose Velasquez destroys Paulo Guerrero for lack of rhythm: “Walk, we retire at 35, 40 is too much”

Jose Velasquez destroys Paulo Guerrero for lack of rhythm: “Walk, we retire at 35, 40 is too much”
Jose Velasquez destroys Paulo Guerrero for lack of rhythm: “Walk, we retire at 35, 40 is too much”

Paolo Guerrero, One of the most iconic players of the Peruvian team, he has received criticism for his performance Copa America 2024. At 40, the forward is no longer showing the level that made him the second-highest Peruvian scorer in the history of the CONMEBOL tournament.

In this version America’s Cup, the attacker stood out at times by winning balls and creating some plays, but his overall performance fell short of expectations. Age has been pointed out as a determining factor in his decline in performance affecting his physical condition and explosiveness on the pitch.

Jose VelasquezFormer playerRed and white‘ and the Copa America champion in 1975 expressed his concern about the lack of movement. Paolo Guerrero. He ‘methodHe suggested the striker should consider retirement, saying footballers of his generation retired at a young age. However, he insisted that it was a personal decision that belonged only to the footballer.

“His retirement is his, but He walks in practice now, he doesn’t work as much and things like that. His age is also a factor. Most of us retire at 35 or 32, 40 years is too longThat’s why he only walks on the field,” he declared for journalist Juan Carlos Esteves’ YouTube channel.

Paulo Guerrero fails to score at Copa America 2024 (REUTERS/Agustin Marcarian)

But César Vallejo’s striker was not the only point of criticism.method‘. Another player is the midfielder Christian CuevaHe condemned the lack of commitment to recovery and said it would not make a difference Team Peru. “He doesn’t take the ball away from anyone. He is waiting to pass the ball. “They are players who don’t make any changes,” he said.

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The legendary national midfielder also questioned the coach’s work Uruguayan George Fossati. In his opinion, the Peruvian team needs to be more aggressive in recovery, have more possession and create dangerous plays, otherwise, they will suffer the same fate as in the qualifiers:

“The outlook is absolutely complex. I don’t see one player making the difference like other teams. I don’t see any player interrupting expectantly. They are waiting to give the ball away, which is unthinkable. I would blame the trainer, to create that type of game. “You always have to have the ball, but once you lose it, you have to get it back or the opponent can take advantage and score goals,” he noted.

Jose Velasquez was part of the Peruvian team that won the 1975 Copa America – Thanks: Imago.

One of the most worrying issues for the future of Peruvian football is the lack of emerging talent in recent years. Apart from the occasional appearance of attackers Piero Quispe oh Joao GrimaldoThe country has not produced footballers who can make a difference and compete in the major leagues in Europe. Jose Velasquez He thinks the solution is to look at the provinces, and questions the work of those working with minors at the Peruvian Football Federation (FPF).

“The new elements are in inhospitable provincial towns. They have to worry about picking talent in the provinces of our country where the best players don’t come because of no place to stay, no one to support or anything like that. In FPF Nobody does that job. Technicians are stuck in offices. It is difficult for them to select players,” he said.

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