Juan Arich: Status and report after TAS decision on his participation in Ligue 2 | Soccer-Peruvian

Juan Arich: Status and report after TAS decision on his participation in Ligue 2 |  Soccer-Peruvian

Last Friday, Juan Arich It announced that the Court of Arbitration for Sport (TAS) had rejected its request for a precautionary measure, barring the Northern team from participating in this edition. Liga 2. However, the club maintains that after the future ruling of the aforementioned international arbitration body, they will receive a favorable ruling that will allow them to participate in the promotion competition next season.

Through its social networks, ‘Ciclón del Norte’ reported that the TAS has not yet explained the reasons behind its preliminary decision. However, the leadership of the Cicléan organization indicates that it maintains the hope that its legitimate right to integrate the second division of Peruvian football will finally be recognized.

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At the start of the season, the Licensing Commission of the Peruvian Football Federation (FPF) denied Siglaino a B license, before the team’s board appealed to the licensing court. However, this request was rejected. According to the rules of the competition, Juan Arich is automatically relegated to Ligue 3 (Third Division), a competition to face in 2025.

Even so, the Northern side remained determined to compete in League 2 this season. Along these lines, on April 30 they sought a precautionary measure before the TAS, which was recently rejected. In their statement, they appealed the Licensing Court’s decision to refuse a B license to participate in the second division of local football.

The Scigliano Club based its appeal on the following arguments: “The decision of the licensing court is arbitrary and baseless because Juan Arich met all the requirements to obtain a B license and denying a B license would seriously harm the club and its fans.”

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What does Juan Arich expect after TAS rejects his precautionary measure?

After the TAS rejects the precautionary measure, Juan Arich B is awaiting a final decision that could overturn the Peruvian Football Federation’s (FPF) decision to deny the license. At the same time, the company has already started the necessary procedures to obtain that license, which is an important step towards normalizing its status and formally guaranteeing its participation. Competition.

However, in its statement, the club admits that they will not compete in the 2024 promotion competition, however, based on the actions they have implemented, they are confident of participating in next year’s competition.The decision of the TAS does not affect the determination of our position on the fundamental issue, which should be resolved in a few months, in which we are sure, the Juan Arich club will be declared unlawfully discriminated against and excluded. “Its legitimate right to be part of League 2 2025”,

Juan Arich’s statement after the CAS ruling

Juan Arich and his statement after TAS rejected participation in League 2.

Why was Juan Arich’s license denied?

Authorities denied the license to the club due to non-compliance with overdue loans from previous periods and presentation of all relevant documents. After that, Juan Arich Appealed the decision but the FPF Licensing Court The first instance confirmed the decision and the club was not allowed to compete in the second division championship.

Deny Club Juan Arich SA a B license to participate in the 2024 Ligue 2 Championship organized by the Peruvian Football Federation – FPF and CONMEBOL.“, noted the FPF Licensing Tribunal in its recent decision in this case. Similarly, he added “Order that this resolution be notified to CLUB Juan Aurich SA and the FPF Licensing Administration; and sent for publication”.

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