June 2023 Fee Schedule for Pensioners of ONP: DL N° 19990| Peru | composition

The Social Security Normalization Office (ONP) Decree Law no. 19990 has announced the pension payment date for the month of June. Next, Gestion tells you what the table is in its two modes.

Total 662,601 people will receive monthly payments in the fourth month of this year57.4% of this is in Lima and 42.6% in the other 23 regions of the country.

Subscription funded by ONP budget, announced by Published in the official newspaper El Peruano on December 21, 2022.

19990 What is the schedule for the month of June for pensioners charging through bank deposit?

Los ONP retirees You can collect through the ATMs or windows of the financial institution that holds your account (Banco de la Nación, BBVA, GNB Perú and Scotiabank) on the following dates:

According to the first letter of paternal surname:

  • A – C: June 7.
  • D-L: June 8.
  • M – Q: June 9.
  • R-Z: June 12.
  • Wages include pensioners
  • Rule 20530: June 13.
Fee Schedule for Pensioners (Photo: ONP)

ONP reminds policyholders that they can claim their pension anytime and not necessarily on the same day of deposit, as money is deposited into bank accounts. It is also recommended to pay through ATMs and authorized agents to avoid queuing at banks due to high crowds.

What is the schedule for June for pensioners of DL 19990?

A total of 10,135 policyholders will receive their pension through the home payment service, whereby a duly authorized payer will visit them between Wednesday 14 June and Friday 23 June. Due to the large number of pensioners in Lima, its schedule is divided into three different groups.

  • June 14 to 16: Zone Norde (Ancon, Bellavista, Callao, Carabaillo, Carmen de la Legua, Comas, Independencia, La Perla, La Punta, Los Olivos, My Peru, Puente Pietra, San Martin de Porres, San Miguel, Santa Rosa, Santa Rosa de Quives)
  • From June 17 and 18: South Zone This is (Barranco, Chilca, Chorrillos, Lurín, Miraflores, Punta Negra, San Borja, San Isidro, San Juan de Miraflores, Santiago de Surco, Surquillo, Villa El Salvador, Villa Maria del Triunfo).
  • From June 19 to 21: Middle East Region (Ate, Brena, Chaglacayo, Cineguilla, El Agustino, Jesus Maria, La Molina, La Victoria, Lima, Linz, Luricancho, Magdalena del Mar, Magdalena Vieja, Pachacamac, Ricardo Palma, Rimac, San Juan de Luricancho, San Luis, Santa Anita, Saint Eulalia).
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What happens if I do not receive my pension on the scheduled date?

The Office of Pension Standardization (ONP) said that pensioners who could not collect their pension on the scheduled dates will receive a fresh visit from the payer on June 22 and 23.

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